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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who told you love was fleeting?

Despite extra time (and I think it has a lot to do with my sleeping schedule) I have been unable to keep up with everything I have going on. Maybe I shouldn't make so many promises to so many people. I just love making people happy. With my work, with school, and with my jewelry business. I'm telling you, giving someone even a small gift, like a smile or laugh, really makes me happy. Sometimes I do wish it came my way a little more often, I won't lie. Everyone does things for selfish reasons. I do feel that of all of the selfish things I am prone to, that this one gives me the most pleasure. Just telling a joke, or being witty enough to impress someone with my sly way of making them feel better about something is great because I feel like I've made a real difference to someone's day. Hopefully. But making a custom set of jewelry that is a physical object for someone to wear just makes me silly with happiness. They are excited to see the totally personalized work come together from a bunch of beads and wire,and it is a piece of art that they can display for everyone to see. I LOVE IT. Even the general pieces I made for anyone, I just try to imagine someone reaching out to the display board and exclaiming, "Oh this is perfect!" I makes me happy to spread happiness.

I'm kinda manic today if you couldn't tell! I have extra energy, so I'm going to use it to take pictures of even more jewelry! lol I have a never ending supply of energy to MAKE more jewelry.

Oh, here's some more of my random happiness:

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a little catching up to do

I haven't written here in forever. I've been pretty engrossed in school and work. We have also had a lot of family members in and out of the hospital recently, so we have been looking after people's animals and houses. Coincidentally, Aaron's mom and my aunt Barbara were literally next door to one another in East hospital. Then like a week later, Aaron's dad and my grandfather were in North hospital together.

My grandfather had a urinary tract infection, but came out of the hospital fine, and stubborn as ever. My aunt is battling cancer, and was in due to complications from her chemotherapy. She also is very stubborn and doesn't always take care of herself after a batch of those horrible chemicals. I can't get on to her though, I'm sure the whole experience is exhausting and she has been doing these treatments for over 2 years now. Aaron's mother Diane is also battling cancer, and had some major complications herself with a serious infection right after her surgery. She is doing much better, but I haven't gotten to visit with her much. John, Aaron's dad, woke up one morning to find that he couldn't see or move his face muscles at all, not even to simply blink his eyes. It took a few weeks of diagnostics but they pinpointed it to a rare syndrome called Miller-Fisher which is a variant of Guillain-Barré Syndrome. It's basically where the immune system turns on the person's nerve fibers. It takes months of treatment, but we have already seen a big improvement in his facial coordination. His eyes still bother him really bad, and his balance is majorly affected, but he seems to be doing better with the exercises the physical and opthomological (eye) doctors have doing with him. He really just wants things to go back to normal, and I don't blame him. I would too.

Even though things have been really hectic, I have managed to do really well with this jewelry business. Click on the link on the left to visit it and tell me what you think! Tonight I pretty much sold over $150 worth of jewelry. It being so close to Christmas helped a lot. lol I've been telling people to go and check out these AWESOME deals I've been offering on these pieces, and people finally took me up on the offer. I've been told that I should charge more for this stuff, and now that I have some better crafting materials, I think I am going to! lol So you better grab it while it's still inexpensive! haha

The Chaos series has been a major hit. People love, and I quote, "the simplistic complexity" of the beads Ive been using. haha I'm totally an artist now! I have many pieces left that have not been uploaded to the website. I don't have my own camera capable of making the close-up shots that I need to show the detail of each piece. Haley Star has been my savior in that department, and I'm sure she's tired of me asking, but I need to use her camera again so that I can upload all of the new stuff. lol

Next term I have gone down to 2 classes, and I won't be starting my internship for one more term, so I should have some extra time off coming up soon to go to work more! YAY! lol I still this week and one more in this term, and I've got to get through Finals before I can make definitive plans for anything, but hopefully this next term won't be near as insane as this one was. I'll probably get to catch up with friends more this next term than I have in pretty much the previous two years. lol After my internships start, there will be this 6 month period where I will go all super cranky, and be engrossed in learning... and then I WILL GRADUATE!!!!!!! ZOMG I cannot believe its this close! I don't even have words for how excited I am about being out of school, and getting a good job. I only have 6 classes left, and my two internships. 9 months left and I'm FREE! Then I have to make a decision where we are moving, and then pass the cert test for that state, and then I can really get started on my new career. Like I said, no words can represent how I feel right now about all of this.

With that in mind, I'm gonna give my brain a rest, and run off to bed. I leave you with my chuckle for the evening. And don't take it personally, this is not directed at you. I just love Cee Lo Green.

Monday, September 6, 2010

I've been a busy beaver

Anyone that hasn't seen it yet, please go check out my new site, River Rock Jewelry. I have some unique and beautiful handmade pieces up in the earrings section right now, and I have made SO MUCH jewelry in the last few days! lol I am getting ready to unveil the Chaos Collection of bracelet and earring sets, as well as many other necklaces and rings. I have about 40 items to take pictures of and upload. So if you haven't looked long enough to find that special something by now, don't wait too long, it might be sold! Most of these pieces are unique so hurry while they're still up for grabs.

Oh and btw, I freaking love this song.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

I startted a new project

I am broke as a joke, so I am a salesman now. lol I've been trying to fight the smoking habit, and I need things to keep me busy. Specifically my hands. SO I started making jewelry again. I made another journal page, JUST dedicated to selling my junk. So go check it out if you get a second. I have ALOT to post up there still so check back in a day or two and Ill have MUCH more. I have about 30 pairs of earrings that i made, and i haven't even taken pictures of them yet. I have more pedants to add, and maybe some more bracelets. I'm having trouble letting some of the pieces go once I make them, they are really pretty. What I posted tonight was some older pieces that Ive made, but they are all still really nice.

Anyways Im off to bed, I spent alot of time organizing all of this tonight. lol


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

This is a final rough draft, but here it is

First lets set the mood.
It's kind of a long paper...

These songs and more much like them were very uplifting and easy to write to. YES I wrote this whole paper to Peter Cetera and Amy Grant, and NO I don't wanna hear one word about it. To write this paper, I really had to go WAY back to connect to what I needed to. So :p

This paper was entitled, "What motivates me to be an ethical person?"

I recently watched a documentary called “Forgiving Dr. Mengele” that tells the story of a woman named Eva Kor, who is a Holocaust survivor. A few years ago she gave a speech at Auschwitz, the Nazi concentration camp where she was held as a child, and she forgave the Nazis who experimented on her and murdered her family. She told people that it was her way of healing her own emotional scars. Many people were angered by this statement. Among those were other Holocaust survivors, some of whom were also held at Auschwitz. A few of them were quoted as saying that they could never forgive the Nazis for what they had done. Despite a fire bombing at the Holocaust Museum that she founded and operates, and despite all of the opposition that she faces from heated challenges to her personal beliefs, Eva has remained determined to help people understand what it is to forgive. She once told a group of students at a lecture, “Forgiveness, to me, means that whatever was done to me; it is no longer causing me such pain that I cannot be the person that I want to be.” Eva strongly believes that we should never cut ourselves off from or forget the past, but learn from it, and not allow it to control our destinies. There have been events in our historical past as a species, some even in our own lifetime, that have been so horrendous that words cannot equate the depth of sorrow that we feel. This woman went through one of those experiences, and she survived. She didn't just survive, she became a beacon of light in a darkness of hate and despair, and that is something to bring attention to.

I wanted to tell this story so that I might be able to explain, in a much shorter and less personally invasive way, why I believe that forgiveness can be a way to salvation, and to what Eva calls personal freedom. The things that are in my past do not compare to what Mrs. Kor has been through, but her message of empowerment of one's own life was something to which I could relate. Talking about everything, in therapy or with loved ones, really helped me to face the things in my life that I had denied for so long. Just being able to talk with someone rationally and about where I was mentally and emotionally at that moment in my life helped me to see that you cannot carry pain around with you for the rest of your life. It forms and dictates you in ways you can not see from the inside of that situation looking out. Understanding things from different angles slowly over time formulated within me a overwhelming desire to help other people to understand this as well.

I was not always so “helpful and insightful”. To be completely frank, I was a selfish brat. I thought that life and everything in it should revolve around me and what I wanted. To me, it was completely unfair that life wasn't fair. I wanted things to be easy and convenient, and I didn't want to work or strive for anything. If life wasn't going to hand it to me, I was just going to take it, and I didn't think of anyone but me and my “friends”. I had a Non-Consequentialist point of view and what really hits me now, when I look back at my frame of mind then, is that I knew better. Every time I fought with someone, every time I stole something, every time I got high, I knew what I was doing was wrong. Worse still, I knew why it was wrong, and I didn't care. I was so angry at my father, my mother, my grandparents, and the world, that I was to the point of self-destruction. I wanted to just zone out and pretend that all of it didn't exist. I wanted to pretend that my problems were worse than everyone else's problems, so my behavior was justified to me in that way. There were fights between me and my mother and grandparents that I regret, and I wish I could take back the hurt that I caused, but I'm glad that I can see all of this now with a clear mind. I learned a lot from it, and because of all of this, I have taken on a strong consequentialist view of life, especially when it comes to the issues of morality between myself and people that I love. Now, the main point that I take from this experience is forgiveness. Not just for the people in your life that have wronged or hurt you, but forgiveness for yourself as well.

Don't get me wrong, I don't think that my approach will work for everyone. As the documentary also points out, someone who is in the midst of struggle and fighting for their life may not be able to or is arguably incapable of forgiving the wrong-doer. It was only after much time had passed that I was able to even face my demons, let alone come to some kind of workable terms with them. Forgiveness for me is not about absolving the person of the wrong, it is about empowering yourself to overcome it, and not allowing it to shape you and your life. You choose what kind of life you lead, every moment of your life. My ability to rise above what I had felt was a life shattering past caused my attitude and perspective to change instantly and allowed me to feel more in control of myself and my path.

That frame of mind reminds me of the parting words of another video I watched recently from a website called T.E.D. Their motto, “Ideas Worth Sharing,” explains their motivation to provide speakers and speeches that challenge the mind to see things from a different perspective. In the video I spoke of, a neuroscientist by the name of Jill Bolte Taylor speaks about our capacity to choose how we live our lives. One morning she wakes to discover that she has a vastly different frame of mind and perspective on the world and herself than she did when she went to sleep. During the night, a cerebral stroke caused a large hemorrhage in the left side of her brain, and she explains how this physical change led to the change in her perception. She talks about how it feels to think while being cut off from the left side of the brain. If you don't already know, and I'm sure many of the medical students do, the right side of the brain is what sees, collects and stores everything ever shown to us. It takes in and records the collage of sensory input that we feel, smell, see, taste, and hear about everything around us, all of the time. It thinks only about the right here and right now of every moment. It helps us to feel “connected” to everything around us, and see the beauty in all things. The left side of the brain is a very different place. It is logical and meticulous; finding the hundreds of details in the collage of our lives, categorizing them in association to everything we've ever known, and then projecting the infinity of possibilities before us. Mrs. Taylor asks the crowd at one point in the speech if they can imagine what it would be like to lose all of your emotional baggage all at once. She goes on to describe the experience of being cut off from her left brain chatter as “nirvana,” and uses the story to try and help people understand that it doesn't take a stroke to change your life. Every moment of every day, you choose how you face the world. Do you choose to feel connected to all of us as a people, finding the beauty in all things, and living in the moment? Or do you choose to live every day of your life as a complete individual, disconnected from the whole and alone in your everyday life? Mrs. Taylor supposes to the audience that if we spent more time in the collective thoughts of our right brain, that we might project that peace out into the world. I believe that she may be right about that.

In relation to that, another idea that I wanted to talk about separately was the moral theory Relativism. I can sit all day and talk about what I do, or would do in a situation, but really how can I relate my beliefs to any and every situation or person? My answer to that is: you simply can not. I think that every situation is relative to the people in it or the things that influence it. Think about it, there are over 6.5 Billion people on this planet right now. That staggering number of people alone gives birth to an incalculable number of possible negative situations and an infinite number of reactions to those situations. There is just no way we can all agree. In summary, I feel that though I may preach my form of spiritual gospel, I do not believe it could work for everyone. I understand that people, countries, cultures, and minds are not and never will be the same.

In my life, I can say that every decision I made was based upon my frame of mind at that moment, and that speaks volumes to me. I think I have always been a strong practitioner of Relativism. I do not normally think in absolutes. It was very hard for me as a young person to attach in any way to the idea of Absolutism, though I was raised with people around me with that frame of mind. My grandfather is definitely a practitioner of Absolutism. He has very definitive ideas of how life should be, and I think those ideas eventually helped me to be rigid about the things I do feel strongly about. I do try to maintain an open mind about perspective. Literally putting yourself into someone else's shoes is impossible, and metaphorically, it is still very hard to imagine exactly how they feel. Your perspective can be individually unique and that is why we must work that much harder to relate to each other. I feel like the more I learn and understand about why we are the way we are, then we can continue to learn from it and our actions, and become better people, a better society and hopefully in the long run a really positive force upon this planet.

I have, like everyone else, horrible days in which I have to really work to keep my attitude and instincts in check. It really is not easy, by any stretch of the imagination, but I want to be a good person because I feel that by doing so, I am doing my individual part in the whole of creation. I feel that I am doing what I was put here to do. I may not know why, but just the feeling I get from helping someone, or doing what is right and just is enough for me. As we all know, what is right or just is not usually the easy thing to do. Therefore, it takes real determination to make a positive change and a constant focus on how I speak, present myself, and how I react to situations to be able to stay one step ahead of negative instincts. However, I have insurmountable faith in myself, and in the human race for us to come out of all of this modern chaos to the other end, smarter and more prepared for what I believe are the innate responsibilities that we have to this world, and to ourselves to be better and to do what we have in our potential to do.

I hope that all of this in and out really gave you a better perspective on what motivates and drives me to become better than I am, every day of my life. Please don't take my word on everything else. Please go to the websites I mentioned and watch the videos for yourselves. Take what you can or need to from them, and if anyone needs the web addresses, I can get them for you.

PLEASE let me know what you think!!!

If you are interested in the videos i talk about in the paper, one of them is in the post below this one. The other you might have to rent or purchase to watch it. Thank you again Netflix.com!

NOTE: This paper is the expressed property of Jennifer Russell, and is not to be used for ANY purpose without written permission from the author (that's me! don't make me sue you!!!)
For more info please email me at: arahslan@yahoo.com

Monday, July 19, 2010

this actually made me cry a little

I don't have long, I gotta shower for ethics class. I just wanted to show you something.

Say what you want, but I feel like I can relate to this on an extremely scary level. But in my case, I think was just born more right sided.

I found this on Amanda Palmer's blog, which also had a nice speaking gig that she gave about the music industry. I may not love everything she says, but I do think she is another one of those people who sees things from a slightly different angle than most. Usually from an angle I can relate to.

I really need to get away from here. Sometimes I feel like I can't breathe. And no, not just from the humidity.

On a lighter note, I found this neat little game that lets you build cells and manage them. Something about saving the very man-like platypus species from a mass extinction when a meteor blows up the planet... all i saw was micromanage a virtual cell, and they had me hook, line, and sinker.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

the heat is on

This song still rocks, after all of these years. Weird freakin video though, I will admit that. Just don't watch the video, and turn the song up loud. Its not even the whole song. OH well, try to enjoy it anyways. I know I do!

I'm up too late again. Just finished reviewing Chemistry homework before it tries to escape my brain. So i decided to play my little facebook games. MAN are those things addictive.

It's been a while, so I can try to sum up. On the 30th we are going to Aaron's family reunion in Hot Springs. IM SO NERVOUS lol His family is really nice, but I'm still nervous.

I've been really tied up in school this semester. Chem is kicking my ass. I'm taking tutoring for this one. So I haven't played Lotro alot. I did get some Summer Fest action though.

I'm having surgery on my mouth when I get back from the reunion. It's gonna suck, but I'll feel so much better. I'm gonna try to do this between the terms during my break, so I wont be around then either. lol

IT never stops.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Ok so once I got home from school, I took the night off from it all. No I dont want to talk about it.

I found a gem while I was killing some time waiting for the oven.

I needed that laugh. That's even better than the drunk guy video remix.

Drunkest Guy Ever Blaster Battle - Watch more Funny Videos

No energy for music.
Or a title.
Or tags.
Screw it all!

Friday, June 25, 2010

My stiches are showing in this dress

I can't stop singing this soundtrack.

This particular song came to mind Wednesday when I had a nervous breakdown at 201 Poplar. I don't want to talk about it, but I will say a little bit of the faith I have for the system, and for humanity died on that day. I feel like more and more, we need to move away and hide from the world, before it corrupts us, or worse, changes us for good. I guess I should say ME since that's what I'm really talking about. I don't want to be jaded any more than I already am.

BREATHE. And let it go...

I haven't eaten all day. I'm off to get my paycheck and find food.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

business hours are over

This is probably overdone a little bit,
but it always makes me laugh.
Currently playing on JennyRadio:

So today I almost broke my toe, tripping on a dog toy
and slamming it into a table edge,
taking off a chunk O Jenny in the process.
Shoes are going to be my bane for the next few days.

I don't post them often but I wanted to share
some of my favorite screen shots
from our little world in LOTRO.
This is Aaron's dwarf Kwali, who is also a rune-keeper.
He has the most expressive face. I love him!

This is my elf Nalshara, who is a lore-master.
(Arahslan spelled backwards! ah ha!!!)
Also in this pic is her pet, Quoth, the Raven.
(I totally stole that name from Haley)

Here she is with her new bear. I haven't named him yet.
Anyone wanna name him?

This is our two hunters, Verain the hobbit and Maethur THE MAN.

Here is Maladhros the champion (Aaron) on the left, Ahryslan the minstrel (me) in the middle
and Edheriel the hunter (Haley) on the right.

Here is Maethur again with my guardian, Arahwen.
He loves that pirate costume so I got me an eye patch too lol

This is all from the last year or so of playing, and finally went through all of the pictures. Aaron has some good ones too, maybe I can convince him to post them on his blog. His pc is better than mine so his graphics are maxed out I think, and the images look so much nicer.

Im off to pass out.

this is really cool

It's a video that Cash fans remade and drew themselves. Each pane is a different person's rendition.(Sorry the spacings off, I can't get the code to work right, and I don't have patience to play with it right now.)

And I found out today that Buzzfeed has a little section just for turtles!!! HAHA! See for yourself >>> here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

study break at almost 3am

Now playing on JennyRadio:
Ben Harper - God Fearing Man

I cried the first time I heard this song. It's power overwhelms me every time I listen to it. I can agree that his guitar playing is something that takes getting used to if you're not used to that style (I grew up on the blues), but I think he is absolutely amazing. Some songs are meant to play sloppy, and raw, and totally by emotional whim. Those are the ones that are played straight from the heart. And look, this version has slightly screwy audio. Go find the real 11 and a half minute song. Much better sound on my awesome headphones too.

I went in to work today, and they didn't need me, so I went to see Aaron at work, and we went out for lunch. Since he works off of Crump Blvd, on the way home I stopped by the old historic Elmwood Cemetery. To quote a website I found, it is "not only a cemetery, but an arboretum and bird sanctuary, and a home to one of the major preserves of old forest growth left in the developed metropolis of modern Memphis." I thought to myself as I left, "I wanna come back and take an audio tour when I have more time." So I get home tonight and check my email, and BAM! Groupon has a local Memphis e-coupon for 50% off the cost of a ticket for an audio tour for Elmwood Cemetery! FREAKY!!! It's fate! I'm totally taking Haley. She likes grave rubbings.

I spent over 4 hours tonight reading 4 chapters on Chemistry. I HATE THIS CLASS ALREADY. Not only will we cover 30 chapters in 10 weeks, but there are still two other classes. THANK GOD I have Ms. Davis for Ethics. I love that woman.

I was so drained tonight when I got home, and I was very happy to see a dvd sitting on my desk that I rented from Netflix (GET OUT!) haha It's an animated flick by Tim Burton called "9" and it was fantastic. I was very impressed, and surprised that I hadn't heard of it before. For such a (color-wise) dark movie, they made every scene awe-inspiring, and beautiful. It's a post-apocalyptic story about foregoing what is easy and convient to do, and doing what is right and just. It's rated pg-13, but I thought it would appeal toward an older crowd than strictly children. Hell, I even watched the making of, and that was pretty cool too. Apparently the guy who made this originally made the short film it's based on. It was his thesis for film school, and the guy even got an academy nomination for it. Anyways, totally worth a watch.

I am also leaving up Soulseek for anyone who wants to use it. My user name is arahslan, of course. lol Haley wants to download some music from me so it will be up indefinitely. If you don't know what the hell I'm talking about, go HERE.

If anyone happens to know a lot about Chemistry, then meet me and like 4 other people at Mazzio's Pizza on Navy Road in Millington at noon on Friday. I'm SO not kidding. Ok well, I'm off to go find the specific heat of aluminum, so I'll see you later.

Monday, June 7, 2010

stereogum.com is my friend

Now Playing on JennyRadio:

I pretty much slept all day. lol Which is fine with me, it was my day off, and I needed it. I did have a dream last night though, that we lived in Alaska. It was beautiful there. So this morning, I have been thinking alot about the future. I graduate in about a year, and after I do, we have to make a decision on where we are gonna go. Stay in Memphis and work for a while, or move somewhere. Honestly, I want the fuck out of Memphis, for a while at least. I'd like to move to St. Louis. That way we aren't too far away for our families, but we will be too far away for the lazy annoying people to come visit. haha I'm horrible.

I've been watching InvaderZim and he's rubbing off on me. DISGUSTING HUMANS!!!

I gotta go shower for Ethics class tonight.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

A thought.

Recently, someone pointed out to me that in every post that I make, the music for that post is always at the bottom. It was also pointed out that if I put it at the top, that people would get to "experience a day in the life of a Jenny the right way." I tend to agree. So here we go.

Now playing on JennyRadio:
(it's a lazy kind of afternoon)

Thank you everyone all of the birthday wishes. It made me feel really good to know that my friends are still behind me. I'm one of those people who needs to hear it from time to time. Tomorrow the new semester starts and I'm taking all of what's happened in the last few years as a good omen to continue on my path to a better future. Money as usual is tight, so Aaron and I didn't do anything extravagant for my birthday like we had planned. I had wanted to go to BlueFin downtown for dinner, but it is expensive. So we just closeted ourselves away from the world, and spent the day together. He and I are always so tired when we get home, we don't always get to take advantage of the hour or few that we do get to see each other a day. My birthday was a different story. I didn't get out of the bed until almost noon. lol It was nice. Don't I look relaxed?

I did a little shopping with Michelle on Saturday, and i got the cutest sleeveless sundress, and 3 pairs of flip flops for like 6 bucks. WOO flip flops! Then yesterday I'm on my wayhome from work and I see that the Rite Aid close to McAlister's is closing and they have the ENTIRE store at 50% off!!! SO I wander in there and find some REAL deals. I won't go into detail, but I will say that I love nail polish! and at 50 cents a bottle, I stocked up!

Im also off today! We haven't been getting alot of hours, and Ive been taking FULL advantage of the situation. My camera is old and dying from the many times I've injured it by dropping it on the ground. But it does still take awesome pictures. Here's one of the rain yesterday off my back porch.

Yes I know my yard looks like a small forest.

I also wanted to share some of the pics I took from the last day of class last semester.
I love all of these people!

Btw, you gotta LOVE Christina's face in the back. I love that girl.

Friday, May 21, 2010

i need to rant a little

I just got another piece of mail for someone who doesn't live here anymore. This isn't abnormal, it happens all of the time because the ten million people that have lived here over the years used this address for a multitude of things, and are too lazy to get a freaking change of address form. SO, I have been collecting it in a box, to take to the post office to tell them to stop delivery on everyone. Most of the mail is junk, and some of it is very important, but I can't convince some people of how important it is to not only READ the mail that the state might be sending here about their child support information, but to also to respond to it. That would require them to come here and get it, or even at the least to send me a mail order to pay to send it to them by mail.

Are you effing serious?

Well anyways, today, I check the mail and SOMEONE got a BABYTALK magazine. Now I know that this person hasn't gotten anything like that in the past, and is currently in the persuit of making a family with his wife. So I am to assume that this certain someone is still using my home address to sign up for junk mail that he doesn't want to get himself? I call bullshit, and I demand action. If you *%#$^%$ don't stop using my address, I will hunt you down and paper cut you to death. That is a really horrible way to die, so don't bring this on yourself. Just be an adult and go to the damned post office and fill out the change of address form. It takes like 10 minutes. And if you have to wait in a really long line to get it done, then it serves you right for doing what you did. Or didn't do. Whatever.

NOW Playing on JennyRadio:
not one of the best movies, but one of my favorite prince songs...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Blue Sunday

I'm taking a break from my Bio206 class so I can say hi to all you wonderful readers!!!

Aaron and I just had a long discussion about these books he's been reading, The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. I read them a long time ago, and he keeps asking me questions that I can't answer because I'd be giving away spoilers haha If you can handle her crazy writing style, they are definitely worth a read. He seems to like them. Who could deny Lestat? lol

We had a big storm recnty that dumped alot of water on the city. Before it happened I filmed this short video of the crazy lightning outside of my house that night.

I have been listening to alot of music tonight while I study for my final. Every heard of a movie called Hedwig and the Angry Inch? I watched it instantly on Netflix. lol Go rent it in all it's cross dressing glory. GREAT soundtrack too. I love the voice. Example:

Wait.. right around 44 seconds in... is that a bald Wayne Brady? lol

I'm off to study a bit more. And listen to more music. From movies I watched on Netflix.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

this is amazing

Leslie showed me this earlier today

The kid is TWELVE. I really am not into Lady Gaga very much, and I sorta liked her version of this song, but the way this kid does it, its almost a totally different song. A very beautiful song.

Well I have done one final, and still have two to take. After May the 22nd this term is over. I start back to my next term like a week later(lol) but I'm still pumped. This term I took Accounting 1, a human disease class, and psychology. I did well in all of them, but I don't think I'll make straight A's this time. Accounting kicked my ass this term. I had SO much homework to do, and I didn't turn everything in. I know,I know... I'M TIRED. I don't have to KILL myself to make the Dean's list EVERY semester. Next term I'm taking an ethics class, Environmental science, and Chemistry. If I can test out of the one Algebra class I have left to take, then ALL of my General Education classes are done, and all I have left is the actual Pharmacology classes and my 2 internships. I'm projected to graduate in May of next year, so ONE year left!!!

I gotta study. Ill be back later maybe. lol

Thursday, April 8, 2010

just awake and thinking about bones

This whole week sucked. I'm not going into the gritty details of why again... I already made a private post (I should say rant) for my own personal sanity, which ended up being quite lengthy. Just know that it did indeed suck very badly. I released all of my pent up energy about it at that moment, so have none left to contribute presently. I would rather move forward, and talk about my most recent obsession : Bones!

I love this show. I even love the things that I hate about this show. haha They went from being annoying, to quirky, to being kinda cute - alot like how The Venture Brothers grew on me. It's all about the characters for me in a story, and these characters are quite flashy. I can't watch as much as I'd like, I just don't have time.

I also have been drawing alot. When I have some time after my study group on Friday, I'll try to scan some of them in. I usually take the handmade notebook my mother gave me to school and after a test is done and we are waiting on others to finish, I doodle. This has become a habit since I'm trying to stop smoking. I need something to fill my mind, and keep my hands busy.

It is SO hard. I like to smoke. I have always been one of those people. It's a guilty pleasure for me. I have to change everything, and I have to do it soon.

I'm getting way too old for this crap. lol

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Images GALORE!

Ok so recently, I've admitted to a little bit of slacking. I have also been taking lots of pictures!
Like these that I just took right now!
One night we were playing with Sonny and she was so excited so wouldn't sit still for the pictures, and ended up looking like a tribble in this one.
I had to post this one of Aaron passed out in the chair.
I think he's adorable.
It actually is quite a popular chair.
Here is one of my dean's list certificates.
Here's all of my books for the last few terms.
Aaron also got me a music theory book so I can finally learn sheet music!
Even still we stick to our ghetto/redneck ways.
Good example : my new porch light
Someone please come rewire my house for me.
But at least we keep a good sense of humor about it all!
Aaron's cell phone is SO much cooler than mine.

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(I can't help it, I love to dance)

Friday, March 19, 2010


I literally spent 10 minutes looking for this video tonight, and it's not even the whole clip I wanted but something reminded me of this scene and I had to share my laugh with you.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

this is Jenny at 3am

...sleepy and tired of reading headlines. I'm not posting them all tonight, I'm too tired and too frustrated by the world we live in. If you are reading this, go out and find a documentary about philosophy called "Examined Life". Don't ask, just do. Myself? I'm going to bed, and maybe when I get off work tomorrow, I'm gonna stop by the library and finally renew my card so I can read more about why we are generally destined to be screwed up. Well, until we finally figure it all out. I hope it's not too late by then.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

well Im catching up a little

Since I missed like a whole 2 months, Im gonna go backwards in time a little to show you what you missed. One of those being the cutest star wars toys IVE EVER SEEN.

I saw alot of valentines this year but this was by far my favorite

Aaron also found this image of the human body's systems done subway style. I thought it was neat.

For all of you crybabies who say you cannot accept that the world we live in doesnt have flying cars, eat this:

Science has been kicking so much ass this year so far, and medical science is not exception:

Click ME to see how

And did you know that the Chilean earthquake might have shortened the days on our planet?

Click ME to see how

We also learn ALOT from the world around us. Wasps might help us to combat one of the worst bacterias out there.

Click on me to see the story (those other two links suck by the way and I ROCK)

and finally

...And so must I. Today I have my first psychology class. Im kinda excited.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

I haven't mentioned lately how much I love Netflix. They have ALOT of online content. So I'm now addicted to The Office. The American version. I guessI should have watched the British version first, but it's too late now. I'm on like season 5. lol So asusual, I find another excuse to be up too late.

I have to sleep.
If you are up reading this later too you should really go to bed.
It's really late!

But listen to this first...

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70 Million by Hold Your Horses ! from L'Ogre on Vimeo.

Saturday, February 27, 2010


Aaron and I have been at each others throats all day. It has been an unbelievably bad week, and we are both exhausted. We are going to see Avatar in 3-d so hopefully after that we will feel better. I'm gonna go take a shower and get all hussied up.

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I only have a second...

I will admit, part of my lack of writing anything at all is just plain laziness. Another part was this last semester's classes. Thank goodness its over, and I get two weeks off. I really need it this time. Work has picked back up as well, so little of my free time is spent on anything other than my fiance and the

I must apologize to Ryan, I hadn't been to blogger in a couple of months. We need to catch up some! I work a double tomorrow. Friday after work, I have to take my car into the dealership to get two Honda recalls on my car fixed. Airbag defect. YAY.
But I AM off on Saturday! Good YAY!!! haha


Here, listen to this and try not to be freaked out by how much makeup she can hold up with just her head. Ah, don't pick on her, she's having fun.

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Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm in trouble now...

Well, Haley finally did it. She dragged me to LOTRO about a week ago, I made a female human Minstrel (I named her Ahryslan of course) and I've had to sorta play alone at first so I could get out of the starter area and be somewhere that Haley could help me, and we could hang out. See now, I thought that I wouldn't enjoy this game as much as SWG so I had pretty much convinced myself that I shouldn't take time away from school to play it. Prolly a good decision right? Well tonight I'm roaming around West Bree (for all the LOTRO players) and I came across this player group of BANDMATES! As a minstrel I can play music, and I'd been having fun out in the middle of nowhere in the woods while resting, picking out Three Blind Mice or something silly, and here in front of me is a BAND playing songs from The Beatles, Guns and Roses, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews, Queen, and even orchestral soundtrack pieces from the movie Halloween and Pirates of the Caribbean. You have to understand, you can literally pick notes as if you're playing the instrument. I always used to say that I wished they'd made it that way in Galaxies. They just use MIDI format so it isn't the greatest sound, but its just NEAT. YES I am amused easily! So now I'm HOOKED. This is a mystery that I must unravel. But I can't right now, I have to open at work in the morning, and I'm tired as hell.

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Friday, January 8, 2010

short and simple

I got my hair cut yesterday. Short and simple, just the way I like it. Along with a silly face.

Also been poking around the internet for new music when Ive had a chance and stumbled across this. It's electro-opera, so be warned, but i find it very beautiful.

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The Knife with Mt. Sims and Planningtorock - Colouring of Pigeons

Im off to get ready for school. We have to make up a MED 104 class that we missed on new year's day. OH JOY.