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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Images GALORE!

Ok so recently, I've admitted to a little bit of slacking. I have also been taking lots of pictures!
Like these that I just took right now!
One night we were playing with Sonny and she was so excited so wouldn't sit still for the pictures, and ended up looking like a tribble in this one.
I had to post this one of Aaron passed out in the chair.
I think he's adorable.
It actually is quite a popular chair.
Here is one of my dean's list certificates.
Here's all of my books for the last few terms.
Aaron also got me a music theory book so I can finally learn sheet music!
Even still we stick to our ghetto/redneck ways.
Good example : my new porch light
Someone please come rewire my house for me.
But at least we keep a good sense of humor about it all!
Aaron's cell phone is SO much cooler than mine.

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