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Sunday, December 28, 2008

owie and murry crismus and stuff

I burnt the shit out of my arm and it hurts like hell. I know the pic is blurry but you get the general idea.

I got cut early today, so I'm bumming around the house today. I hope everyone had an awsome Christmas. I know I did. Marshall and Becca came to visit, and we got TOW UP FROM DA FLO UP. lol It was alot of fun to see them again.


DOLPHINS ARE USING TOOLS. Tell me this isn't a cool fucking planet.

Another interesting story about how our brains work. Contrary to popular belief, we make better decisions with the sub conscience brain than we do with the conscience. And this story was about a scientist who recently discovered the part of the brain that chooses words. Another story here, this one about a scientist who has pinpointed the part of the brain that creates the sense of spirituality. Interesting enough, it's the same part of the brain that identifies "self". I'm pretty interested in brain research as you can tell, so here's yet another story, that suggests that blood sugar levels can be tied to Alzheimer's. All this research they are doing will help us to understand ourselves so much more than we do now, and I'm all for it. Whether it's the development of treatments for all sorts of mental ailments, or just to find ways of bettering ourselves in general.

Heres a really cool one about a place in Japan that has broken it's dependancy on oil.

And another article about how owning a pet might help keep you alive longer. But you knew that right?

For all the creationism people here, I dont mean to offend, but this is funny. Anyone heard of this Muslim creationist guy Harun Yahya who put out a monster of a book called the Atlas of Creation? WELL its kinda FUCKED UP. I mean seriously, don't lie just because you think you're right.

Just for the hell of it, and because this is totally my WTF?!? story, here's one about why it might not be quite SO bad to marry your cousin.


Here's Yaya in the drive thru with me at Burger King tonight. lol I told you I'm happy to have my digicam back! {EDIT : I'm sorry I was corrected by Aaron. This is Yaya in the car in the PARKING LOT of BK cause they got our order wrong AGAIN and he had to go in and get his onion rings! Which they LEFT OUT BTW!!!}

now thats my kind of dog... but this time steal me some CHEESY POOFS!!!

unnecessary censorship - 2008


100% recycled awsome in fact...
Aaron really knows how to make me smile thats for sure
He still has the guy's heart in his hand!!!
If you don't know who this is or what movie he's from,
then we need to sit down and have a serious talk.
For real man.



Tuesday, December 16, 2008


I forgot to share some things with you!

This is a journal my mother got for me for Christmas. Its hand made by a chick in Austria. Mine is called Swirl Tree, and its beautiful!

You can find more of her work by clicking HERE.

Aaron also got me a MIGHY MUGG!!! I fought with myself for a while about it, and Ive decided there are 10 of them I MUST OWN. One of which is this one, THOR!

I also really want the dude in that Indiana Jones movie that rips out the guys heart. The toyhas the heart in ts hand. I MUST HAVE IT. But I alsogoy two of my fav Batman villians recently.



puppy dog tails...


Ive become the neighborhood dog saver. I found another one yesterday. Ran right out in front of the car and I got out and he became a statue trying to check me out. When I bent down on my knee he came right up to me, almost as if to say Oh thankGOD SOMEONE NICE!!! I was calling him Bones cause he was so skinny, but Richard called him SKELETOR all night. lol He didnt seem to react to any verbal commands, and would only come to you if you made kissing sounds. But he was smart, he could be trained. He pretty much learned what NO means while he was here. SUCH a sweet dog. Maybe part pit, and beagle, prolly about 8 months old. The way he acted towards people made me think that he had been mistreated by someone. He was pretty trusting, but still pretty weary of anyone coming up too fast on him, or any time Id raise my voice to yell at Yaya for misbehaving he would get all jumpy. Speaking of Yaya, SHE HATED HIM. She was SO mad at me too for bringing him in the house. JEALOUS TOO. Omg dude she whined all night, anytime Id touch him. But he didnt really care anything about her, or the cat for that matter, except tomaybe hump them. HE HUMPED EVERYTHING. lol but he was at that almost not puppy anymore stage, and would have grown out of it. I really wish we could have kept him, Aaron really liked him alot. But we cant afford it right now, so I took him to the shelter in South Memphis today out on American Way. I hope he's going to be ok.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

waaaaay toooooo late

I just wanted to pop by today and say hi. I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving. Its another one of those late night times where I should be in bed already but I cant bring myself to go upstairs. I keep finding something that needs to be put away, or a song I need to download. /sigh

Heres my fav pic of today

Its been cold as all get out. We had ice all down the drive the other morning. Partly from rain, partly because the spout is leaking out of the hose. I didnt take that pic btw, if anyone remembers THE DIGI CAM IS BROKE. I just found it and thought it was pretty and appropriate. anyways, I have to sleep. I got open in the morn.

What am I listening to at the moment you ask? Why how nice of you to ask!
Mott the Hoople - All the Young Dudes
LOL I love that name.
After that we have The Horrorpops with Baby Lou Tattoo, here on JennOside Radio.

night all

Friday, November 14, 2008

This has got to be the COOLEST thing Ive seen all week. They have discovered a HUGE cavern 1000 feet underground FILLED with these MASSIVE crystals. Just go to the link and look. Its really mind blowing and beautiful.

I got my tags updated in covington today, and while I was out there I got my hair cut.

Crappy pic I know, but my digi cam is acting funny so I had to take this one with my webcam. Anyways I like it short, its alot less work, and I think its cute!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

we are on our own litte love island

Ok so, I havent felt like writing, so there. But in the time since I last posted we had a yard sale. We made more than we spent on it, but people just dont yard sale out here apparently. We put an ad out, put up 10 signs outside and inside the neighborhood, and bought balloons for the mailbox so it was easy to spot. A few people that came by were looking for specific things that we either had few of or didnt have at all. I did have out my jewelry, and I did manage to sell quite a few peices. I even custom made two necklaces for people. One of those was a chunky necklace that was made of all natural stones. It came out so pretty. We cooked burgers and hot dogs on the grill out front, and ate like kings cause none of the people who said they were gonna show did. and we musta had like 10 burgers left. lol So all in all it was a good day.

Morgan scheduled me and Daniel downstairs today cleaning out The Dungeon. IT WAS HORRIBLE. It literally looked like a hurricane hit it. PILES of shit everywhere. Paperwork, furniture, equipment and some of the strangest things you'd think you'd find in the storage area under a deli. This "storage" area is HUGE. I takes up the entire square footage of the store itself, so the main room is massive, and its split up into 7 rooms beyond that which aren't small in any way. It used to be office space for the HR for J&E so I even managed to talk Morgan into letting me have one of the desks and file cabinets. lol Besides all the junk I brought home today from there. Office supplies, art supplies, some household containers and tupperware for storage. It was really exhausting work, but it was well worth it. We got the main room done, and part of the second room, but we left around 4 today, and will pick back up next monday, and then every monday, until we are done. I'm really dreading the 4th room, because it looks like that place is breeding ground for all kinds of spiders. Cobwebs everywhere. There IS a reason they call it The Dungeon.

My brother wrecked his bike the other night. When my mother called and told me I really got scared, and my mom said it could have been alot worse, but he's actually ok. Skinned and bruised, but he had a helm on, and he's healing. My mother just said "well what CAN I say?" and left it at that. /sigh

Im going to bed. I work too much.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

I know it's late but I wanted to catch up on some news and weather tonight for the week, and I ran into this on Fark. Just cool to look at pics that are perfectly frozen in time.

Most of my picks tonight for the blog are just silly like this next one. I found a list of toilets with the best views from all around the world. I know, I'm tired, cut me some slack.

They're researching ways of making solar less expensive. I mean 20k is still rediculous, but its better than 40k, right?

Ok a few vids for you...

Star Wars Episode IV according to a 3 year old.

This vid is

Oh and one thats actually cool as hell. Apparently theyre called Hallowindows by a gentleman named Marc Gervais

I'm exhausted. I'm going to sleeeeeep. My next day off is Thursday, but I have alot to do this week, and not alot of time...

ps - THIS is for Aaron. Not for you. Now shoo. Go play on your Facebook or something. Or whatever it is people do online these days.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

ONE MORE and Im off to bed

Check this link out for some awsome clips of shorts made to look like its all made of miniatures. But it isnt. It just looks like it. Can you tell Im tired? Anyways its some amazing looking stuff.

Seriously, Im off to bed this time.

No really.

well its about that time

I guess I should actually say something about myself here every once in a while. Im doing very well. Aaron started a new job, and Im madly in love. I dont ever remember being this happy. Especially when things are so horrible. Hes the best thing thats ever happened to me, and all that I need from this point on.

Anyways, hes in bed and hes warm, and its cold as hell down here, so Im off to be a typical woman and put my cold ass feet up against him. But something tells me he enjoys it. lol

I know, I know, TMI... and I dont care. Go read something else if my happiness makes you sick.
LISTEN to this little girl sing!


WOW Damn good song too.

And heres a link to some new shots of my favorite planet, Mercury.
Its things like this that make me LOVE dogs

AH HA! Take on me, quite literally


we have such an interesting planet. Here we have some unknown creature filmed off the coast of Florida.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

I am extremely irritated at the network tonight. We wont even go into it, because if I do I'm gonna be pissy all night.

So I was browsing, like I do, and found some vintage 52's footage, black and white, and ROCKIN as you'd expect. So enjoy!

For all those kitty lovers out there, this is for you! I know how the poor bloke feels, my brother's cat did the same thing to me when he was little.

And have you ever found yourself wondering what videos of church dances would look like set to rave music? Well now you can find out!!!

Friday, September 19, 2008

love will tear us apart again - The Cure

I HATE MONEY! I want to start sewing so bad I cant stand it. I have alot of ideas for clothes and I cant do shit cause Im POOR. lol Hopefully soon tho, Haley and I can get started on the GIANT denim blanket we are making. That fabric I been saving over the last like NINE years. lol But to get something that will be worthy of making a nice autumn shirt.

Haley is gonna start a Demon game, and Richard and I are gonna play. Thomas says hes too busy, and Aaron isnt really interested. Its gonna be neat, we will be in Nazi Germany during the height of the war. We're gonna be like super soldiers forced to do the bidding of our douchbag Nazi masters. I think itll be cool.

Also, Im trying to get on at AT&T hopefully soon. If I do itll help SO MUCH. Money and insurance wise. Im excited about going there. Hopefully itll help me get thru school later on, and be flexible with me.

Im tired, I work early tomorrow. Goodnight everyone!

Sunday, September 14, 2008


This story was from yesterday. Its about the new "world's tallest skyscraper" being built in Dabai. Impressive but scary.

Im off to work tonight, but Im off tomorrow.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

I havent been on alot, I been busy getting the upstairs in order, and everything put away. And Ive been working, and my mother AND my brother were in town, I was watching Lucky Star (pictured above!), and ITS JUST BEEN BUSY OK?!?! Jeeze.

Just wanted to stop in and say Im not going to talk about 9/11 at all. lol Its not that I have nothing to say, I just cant hear myself think over everone else's opinions on the subject.

Anyways I work in the morn. Im off to shower.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Ok so if this story doesnt prove that video games can have some VERY positive effects on people, then nothing will.

You know the SUN has some of the best "stupid stories", check out this one about 1001 ways people have DIED


Saturday, August 30, 2008

I dont like doubles lol

Ok so Im just flat out exhausted, and I dont want to read the goddamned news lol. I just wanted to show you one neat thing I ran across tonight when I checked my mail. HISTORY ROCKS

click me

Im going to bed, my feet hurt and so does my head. I work a double tomorrow too and my family is in town as of sunday so I wont be around much.


Thursday, August 28, 2008

ok its not my usual stuff but I was browsing Fark and found this title for a follow-up story about how Russia's all pissy with the US cause of the Georgia invasion and whatnot. and I had to share the Fark title for this story with you... cause its FUNNY

So Pooty was all "Biatch, you made Georgia do it," and the US went, "Uh-UHH, you crazy?" and Pooty went "I seen you was there," and the US was all "Damn, you ARE crazy, I can't talk to your dumb ass."

Click ME to see a neat page that tracks big ocean storms. Hopefully mom and bro will be here when Gustav hits. My stepdad will still be down there tho. BE CAREFUL WES!!!

This is pretty cool... THIS LINK IS FOR SATAN

Ok so when they start transforming cells from one type to another its just freakin cool man.

You think you've seen everything, and then you see a video of Barbie dolls performing Ace of Spades by Motorhead. The internet - it never disappoints...

Oh and BTW all links are safe for work!!!


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Im such an idiot. I worried about something all day, when I shouldnt have, because it didnt matter in the end, and now I look like a complete ass. Hopefully I didnt just make myself some sort of enemy, because I dont need that right now. Just dont ask. I dont want to talk about it...

Ive been playing the new sims content that Haley bought me for my birthday, so I havent been online, I had alot of catching up to do music and news wise.

I love Courtney Love. There I said it. She is a nice lady deep down inside all that is Courtney. And she has good taste in music. She helped me find these guys - WHITE LIES - Just listen to the song Death. God it reminds me alot of all the brit pop I used to listen to, and have really sorta been getting back into over the last year. BTW - two songs down, the remix isnt so bad either.

AND Click here to see the ultimate (expensive as hell) Villain Chair of Doom.

Which reminds me... THIS LINK IS FOR SATAN (better known as Haley) OK other people can look too, but you better prepare yourself to be smited by The Dark One.

FARK: The AFA has set up an online form to send Hallmark hate mail for making same sex marriage greeting cards. What a shame it would be if logical people used it to send Hallmark support mail instead!

Kim Jong Il of North Korea dead and impersonated by a double these past 5 years? Wait, what?

Ok so Richard just handed me a serial key for the install of Nightlife for that silly Sims2 game so I'm gonna try it. I might be back, I might not.


Thursday, August 14, 2008

For No One

Well, I got to work this morning, and I was supposed to work 11-3. A short shift, but damnit its money. And Morgan sends me home, which is cool, he did offer me to stay and all, and I sorta did jump on the opportunity because I havent had a day off in over a week, so Im going to eat and read the news and do laundry, and fuck off for a day. SO THERE...


A few days ago, I was on my way home, and I almost ran over this ADORABLE pit bull puppy. Maybe 6 months old. We went all over trying to find his owner, but noone knew who he belonged to. Jake across the street had a friend who might take him, but the friend didnt want him in the end because he was mostly white in color. With a brendel face mask and two spots of brendle right on his butt and back. Long skinny white legs and tail. SO CUTE. I was gonna have to have the Humane Society come get him, cause goddamnit I cant. I dont have the fucking money to do it, and I WISH I COULD but I cant. :( But a girl at work took him and gave him to her neice and nephew, who were really cute too btw lol. around 10 or so, they all got along really well right away, so Im glad the little trouble maker will have someone to play with. Aaron gave him that nickname because that puppy had to concept of space, or any discpline at all, he would just try to take stuff out of your hand, chew on your arm, and pounce on you at any given moment. You couldnt walk 5 steps without him getting between your feet. And he wasnt house trained, so that sucked, but hey its part of the responsibility of a puppy lol. He really was cute, I only got a few pics with the cam on my phone, cause the damned digicam my mother got me wont turn on. Dont ask, I dont want to talk about it, ok?!?!?

In fact, Im going to change the subject. ON TO THE NEWS...

A few months ago, I saw a story about this guy who got HPV from an accident on his leg, and not long after his body started growing these insanely huge warts all over his body. So much so, that people in his village in Indonesia call him the "Tree Man", because it REALLY DOES look like tree bark. Craziest thing I've ever seen. Here's a video of him discussing it all with some interviewers from the Discovery Channel, in a special they did on him. Then this morning, I saw another story of him, after a big surgery, and he looks so much happier! GOOD FOR HIM. Thats so fucked up, the poor guy.

BTW, the whole moon-hoax thing is just RETARDED. Seriously? No, really, you've GOT to be kidding... What a load of bullshit. Look, someone even did the math for you....

Well They have built a robot, and put the cultured brain neurons from rats in a dish and hooked it all up and WHAMMO we got a robot with a REAL bio brain, but this isnt the first time this has happened. If you look in the comments for the story youll see this one, all the way back from 2004. Very cool indeed.

Ive been looking into alot of things about the ocean lately. Ive missed hearing the ocean the last few months. Just out of the blue. So thats why I love these stories. And this story and this one too. Those last two were from a few months back, but its just exciting to see. I wonder when theyll figure all of it out and post some more pics of the "new" species they found out there. Or when theyll figure out that the world is changing for the worse.

And I saw yesterday that scientists have made the "buzz-kill" pill.

Anyways, Im done for while, I need to do some stuff around the house and eat and whatnot. Call me, the house phone is back up and I got the cell.



Dora-For No One

I Am Over
Bent by the weight of
Of all this and other things
That we never speak of

Monday, August 11, 2008

Praying for a miracle...

Again with the giant mantas...

And theyre still mapping out all the genes, but finding some neat stuff along the way...

So anyways, Im not off tomorrow. Stupid me, traded my off day to work, so I gotta go shower, and wash clothes. lol WHAT? I NEED THE HOURS!

Please God PLEASE dont let us fall on our face. I cant take it anymore.


Sunday, August 10, 2008

i'm wide awake man

I think Im going to try to make this. lol I want some cool summer shirts and I WANT THEM TO FIT ME. Im so tired of shopping, I just want to be comfortable!!!

Ive been listening to ALOT of Kenna lately. Hell Bent. And Wide Awake. My head is swimming in music all day.

I bumped into this story and I laughed myself into a coma, and then I secretly wanted a pair of my own.

So they've found a snail (excuse me, A MOLLUSK) that can tell you when you're going to become ill. Thats CRAZY TALK. lol

Dogs are just so awsome. I really just love these animal behavior stories.

Someone posted video of the GI Joe movie finally, and it looks COOL.

I have to sleep for work tomorrow. Im off on Tuesday, so I gotta find a new bank so I dont have to drive to Millington every time I need a bank.


Monday, August 4, 2008

word of the day - blah

Kenneth came by and gave me money for the Contour so Im not COMPLETELY broke anymore. lol I got some pants (finally) for work, and alot of things we needed at Walmart tonight, and while I was there I saw THE CUTEST DAMN TOYS. They are called Mighty Muggs. They have every super hero you can think of, from Wolverine to an Indiana Jones Fertility Idol. I WANT THOR!!! LOL The slogan on the front is the best... Made from 100% recycled AWSOME

Aaron and I sat here and laughed the entire 3 and a half or so minutes this video ran. This poor guy had no TV and couldnt get thru to the cable people, so he let the expletives loose on their answering machine.

Ive totally found my next car. ITS JENNY SIZED

Tell me how this isnt a great example of misleading advertising. ITS ON THE BOX

Here's some recent pics of the aminals too

I work all week this week, Im not sure when my next day off will be, and Im working a double on SUNDAY - the worst day of the week. I also got a cell phone finally, so if you want the number you better leave me a comment.


Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Its been a busy week. I got the kitchen done, except for the mopping, which Ill have to wait on cause I dont have money to replace the mop Brian broke. But the pantry is finally bug free and clean as a whistle. I moved all the food back in today too, and we got LOTS of room to spare. I even had room for all the misc kitchen appliaces that Mike owns and never uses.

Richard moved in this weekend too. I got Brian and Christi's old room shampooed thanks to Aaron's mom, and the bathroom all spick and span. It was an AMAZING difference once I got done. And I couldnt have done it all without Aaron. He really is the most awsome person ever.

Kitty wasnt happy about moving out of that room, but he can get over it. In a few months he will have a new house to piss in, and wont be here anymore. I think Yaya will even be happy about that.

And Adam stopped by to see me this week.

He was supposed to come back by this Saturday, but things got a little crazy and I never got to call him back.

I was outside today taking some trash out, and I found this vine wrapped around the old broken mop that I had just stuck there a few days ago to be thrown out.

So I wrapped it around the cross. lol I thought it would look cool.

I go into work on Monday, so I wont have as much time to play after this weekend. /SIGH


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

another musical morning

I am in love yet again with another set of songs I dont even have words to describe my obsession with.


Listen to the one labeled Hell Bent, or Vexed and Glorious. Beautiful.


TV on the Radio

The best ones are Satellite, or Wolf like me, or Staring at the Sun

Both of these bands have been around a little while now, but I have so many dreams to those songs, I just had to share.

Now Im going to share new pics!!!

This is my cousin Matt out at a family BBQ

Some of my family, my grandfather and grandmother, and my Aunt Barbara, and my mom back there in the center.

HEres a better one of mom, and my Aunt Barbara.

My uncle Ken and the latest generation of troublemakers

Here's my granfather again, and Lori my cousin, and my uncle Bill

And here's Aaron, trying not to be bored lol

I love that damn dog.

Kitty has had alot of fun with this box lately.

And then yesterday he saw a bird, and sat here for over 20 mins trying to figure out how to kill and eat it.
He finally gave up and fell asleep.

Also here are pics of me and Haley trying to pretend we arent taking our own pictures lol.

Im gonna go play Galaxies for a little while. The accounts are free right now for the 5 year anniversary, so I better get my share of fun in while I can.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Well, Coolio has resurfaced with his own cooking show, there's water on the moon, scientists are going to use tomatoes to vaccinate for Alzheimer’s, GM is building the world's largest rooftop solar plant, scientists have made the first artificial DNA strand to possible power future computers, and someone left the door open to the net!!! Goddamnit get those hackers outta here befor...

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Best. Video. EVAR.

This is from an old show I used to watch in high school, The Vacant Lot.

Im awake

Well, Biggie has been reborn. God know where this kid will end up. I hope his grandmother does spank his little ass.

I found this little gem - the coolest eggshell carvings you will ever see

And I found the best pulp fiction parody Ive ever seen. It was a submission to Colbert Report's Green Screen Challenge to "make McCain more interesting." lol

Im up late cause Im trying to swing back around again on the schedule. Ill be up for a while so expect more crap from me lol

Well, Biggie has been reborn. God know where that kid will end up. I hope his grandma does whip his little ass.

I found this little gem - Four billion years of evolution condensed into 7.5 minutes of animation

I also found the ful length submission to Colbert Report's Green Screen Challenge to make McCain more interesting.

Im on a weird schedule again. Trying to stay up 24 so I can sleep around 10 pm tonight and be straight again. lol

Saturday, July 5, 2008

i just needed to share this



ok I know its been a while...

I have lots of pictures to share. Ive been working my ass off in the house trying to get things settled after the move, and with all the work being done. New roof, plumbing work, and soon hopefully Ill get to shampoo the carpets!!! Anyways on to the pics.

Dylan came out to stay the night at Haleys today, since the parentals are out of town visiting Donna, and Anthony stopped by too. It had been at least 7 years since Id seen him. Maybe the last time all four of us went up to East Tn to see Donna and Larry. Larry was such a good guy, its really a shame he went the way he did. But it was really nice to hang out with these two while they played guitar for us.

And of course Trixie was estatic about the whole event, but not happy with the fireworks from the neighbors.

And the little kitty was at it at usual, trying to kill my flipflops, and biting my leg and toes.

Even when her mother tried to give her a bath.

Before she had the kitten, June was stark white. Pretty much how the kitten is now, with some tips on the feet or tail. And now that June is a mom, shes completely changed color schemes. Its really weird, ALOT of brown has come into her coat, and more spots on her face and legs and tail. I mean she almost looks like a totally different cat.

So I came home to let Yaya out, and this is how I found her, completely unwilling to come out of her cage, because the neighbors across the street had alot of family over, and they were out setting some big fireworks off.

LOL! And I mean I tried to get her out of this cage for 10 minutes. I sat in front of the cage with food, and you can see all the toys I got for her... and she wasnt budging.

So after the neighbors had their fill of explosions, I mixed her food with some of the sauce from the stroganoff I made for dinner, and coaxed her out a little, but not much... LOL

And the cat - I swear to god, he is so funny. Hes been acting crazy since Brian and Christi moved out. The house has been in a disaster area, nothing is where it was, and theres been people climbing on the roof, making loud noises. Lets just say kitty is unhappy, and grumpy, and a little crazy right now. When I made dinner tonight, the cat had been following me around the house, wondering WTF was going on outside and why I was so obsessed with the dog. I love this cat's expressions. He cracks me the hell up. He sat on the laundry table and watched me cook dinner; ears back, with a wild look in his eye.

Thursday, when the roofers came out to start, he was VERY upset that first day. I got my camera and made this little short of kitty in a bad mood. lol

I should have waited to finish it too, cause I go back in there like an hour later, and I found him like this.

Im gonna miss Thomas the Terrible when hes gone.

You know what else I miss? DRIVING. lol Gas is too high to be out joy riding like we used to.

Try some of these on for size. We took all of these with my cam down by the river.

Ok thats all I got, and its LATE, so Im off.