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Sunday, August 24, 2008

Im such an idiot. I worried about something all day, when I shouldnt have, because it didnt matter in the end, and now I look like a complete ass. Hopefully I didnt just make myself some sort of enemy, because I dont need that right now. Just dont ask. I dont want to talk about it...

Ive been playing the new sims content that Haley bought me for my birthday, so I havent been online, I had alot of catching up to do music and news wise.

I love Courtney Love. There I said it. She is a nice lady deep down inside all that is Courtney. And she has good taste in music. She helped me find these guys - WHITE LIES - Just listen to the song Death. God it reminds me alot of all the brit pop I used to listen to, and have really sorta been getting back into over the last year. BTW - two songs down, the remix isnt so bad either.

AND Click here to see the ultimate (expensive as hell) Villain Chair of Doom.

Which reminds me... THIS LINK IS FOR SATAN (better known as Haley) OK other people can look too, but you better prepare yourself to be smited by The Dark One.

FARK: The AFA has set up an online form to send Hallmark hate mail for making same sex marriage greeting cards. What a shame it would be if logical people used it to send Hallmark support mail instead!

Kim Jong Il of North Korea dead and impersonated by a double these past 5 years? Wait, what?

Ok so Richard just handed me a serial key for the install of Nightlife for that silly Sims2 game so I'm gonna try it. I might be back, I might not.


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