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Monday, April 18, 2011

Venture MANIA and regrets GALORE

(this is my favorite pulp song and and again reminds me 
of someone who knew me better than I knew myself.)

Steroid Maximus_Venture Bros Medley from JG Thirlwell on Vimeo.

Have I mentioned lately how much I love The Venture Brothers? I finally got season 4.2 and watched it for the second time. There was more content in the DVD version that what I saw on the website when it came out. Little tidbits of the story I either didn't catch or simply weren't there the first time I watched it. I am OVERJOYED at the awesomeness of it all. Why can't I live in that universe? Why am I stuck in this sucky universe? I think I'd make an awesome Super Scientist. And Haley would so be my Super Villain arch nemesis. I'd marry Gary and make him a happy man. After the ending to season 4.2 I feel so bad for him, I just want to hold him and cuddle him till he forgot all about that evil woman, Dr. Mrs. The Monarch. There are so many things to talk about, and I am too inebriated to even speak on them all. I love Shorleave and Al. I love Brock and Mol. I love Orpheus and Triana. I especially love Dean and Hank. I really do love them all. It is definitively my favorite show of all time! Kudos to the men who created it. You have made my life a better place to be. If you have not watched The Venture Borthers, PLEASE clal me, and we can watch them. I have all seasons up to date, and am ALWAYS willing to watch them again... over and over and over. BEST. SHOW. EVAR. PERIOD.

I am up again way too late again. I will admit that I have been drinking tonight. That is not the reason I feel this way. It simply makes it easier to admit to the things I am saying lol. I am listening to the Stereogum mix as usual. As with my tastes in music lately, I find that I am not like other people around me. Even Aaron does not share my tastes in shows, or music, or life in general sometimes. I need someone to share these things with. Haley likes The Venture Brothers, so we still have that major item in my life in common, but I think we steadily grow apart, day by day. It is something I think about alot. I wonder sometimes, if I am closing myself off to others. If maybe it is me how is out of whack with those around me. Perhaps I focus too much on the differences we have, and not enough on the things we do have in common. All I know is that I can't stand the idea of us not having that connection we always had as teens. I want to be closer to the people around me, the people I love, but it is hard when we are physically so far apart. When schedules do not allow for that kind of regular contact. Hell, I live with Aaron and I feel like we barely get enough time to be actively involved in each others interests and emotions. I FEEL too much, and I think too much. I need to think less and BE more. Perhaps it will be easier when I am working a regular schedule and not focused on school so much. I find that most of the day is taken up by work, and school, and homework, and studying, and life's routines, and me worrying about little things I cannot affect at this point in my life. Maybe I am just kidding myself that moving away will fix everything I think is broken in my life. Starting over will only bring more problems for me to "fix." I want to be there more for my family, and especially for my grandparents. The last time I was there at their house, my grandfather said something to the affect of he was surprised I even showed up. I'm not sure he knows how much those kinds of comments affect me. I'm finally getting my collective "shit" together, and I can't be there like I want to be. I cannot wait till I graduate. At least then I can have more focus on things that matter to me via a regular schedule that I can manage my life easier with. I know I talk and talk and talk a lot of crap. I need to deliver, and fast, before I lose all of the things that really matter to me. I just hope those I love are willing to compromise with me and FOR me as I am for them, whether they see that or not.

On a much lighter note, I created a CYBER ME to talk to. I am still in the process of programming her to be more like me. She Is Jenny V2 and she is located at the bottom of my blog, here on this page. Talk to her, I'm sure she is just as lonely as I am.

Goodnight bloggers.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

long day

(This reminds me of someone I used to know better than myself)

We spent most of yesterday night at the hospital with Aaron's dad. He had an inguinal hernia that was massive, and creating a lot of pain for him. They rushed him into emergency surgery last night, and when we originally talked about the repercussions of it with the doctor, things didn't sound too good. They said it was possible that part of his bowel or his colon might have come out and there might be a lot of tissue loss or even tissue death. The surgeon was very blunt and short with John, and I didn't like him very much. He seemed bothered that he might have to stay late and save John's life. I hoped that his pushy arrogance belied his genius in the operation room, and that seemed to be the case. They took him into surgery about 10:30 pm last night. In a little over an hour he was out, and doing fantastically. They said no organs had protruded the hole, and that all of his tissues seemed to be intact, despite the fact that this possibly happened a few days ago, and John didn't let anyone know about it until the pain was so intense he couldn't take it anymore. He is doing so well in fact that they just let him out of the hospital to go home about an hour ago. He is still in a lot of pain, but they have him on some good meds, so he should heal up pretty well. We were really worried about his blood pressure through the whole thing. Massive pain like he experienced is enough to shoot up anyone's adrenaline and blood pressure, but he did really well. They did have to be extra careful during surgery because John is on Plavix which is a blood thinner. They said they gave him platelets to counteract the medication and bleeding wasn't a real problem.

I'm so releived that he did so well. He and Aaron don't show alot of emotion, and I know that Aaron was in knots over his dad being back in the hospital in such an awful condition. Seeing his dad in that much pain was overwhelming for him. He had to watch his mother go through alot of pain recently with her operations and it was awful then too. But last night Aaron had to face the fact that his father might not come out of this one unscathed. Thank the gods that he did, but I think the whole experience has worn him down.

We are gonna spend the rest of the day in bed hopefully.


Thursday, April 14, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

gaining speed... soon to be at starburst

I met with the pharmacist in charge of my internship today. She seems like a very sweet lady. When I got there this morning though, they acted surprised to see me. Apparently they have had some problems with past interns, and were told they wouldn't be getting any more. Then I show up at their doorstep, all giddy and smiles. When they finally got the ok for me to be there, I had to take the Federal HIPPA test, and that took a while to complete. OF COURSE I passed with flying colors. lol A 5 yr old could pass that. They drill it into your head over and over, and then ask you the same questions a million times. We talked about a schedule for the whole thing, and I left soon afterwards so I could rush to work. It was a short shift, but I am  exhausted tonight. I got up really early today.

I also spent a good amount of time working on some jewelry storage issues that I am having. If anyone knows anyone that might be able to build me a large jewelry tree, or rack for necklaces and bracelets, PLEASE let me know. I have no carpentry skills whatsoever, and I am running out of room!!! I do not want to invest in even more cork boards, or peg hook boards, I am spread out enough across the small amount of storage space I do have as it is. I need to build UP not out. lol

I want this, but this is nice too, but I would need it to hold many more than 20.

I have to sleep now, I have a dentist appt in the morning, then off to school.

Gnite peoples.


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

sushi and jewelry and new music OH MY

Well,a few nights ago I got Haley to slide by the house, and me her and Aaron made home made sushi. I thought we did pretty well! Salmon, and crab, and cream cheese, and cucumbers, and panko bread crumbs make for awesome cooked sushi. It's not something I want to do all of the time, considering how much it cost to get all of the ingredients we didn't already have.

I am just dropping in to say hello and show you what I made tonight.

Isn't it preeetty?
Leslie seems to think so.
Hopefully I can upload to my site again real soon, 
I already have PLENTY made.

 Gnite bloggers!