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Saturday, May 28, 2011

paper beads and more

I didnt realize how long it had been since I posted last. I AM SLACKIN. lol Well, it has been a pretty insane month, but I'm excited about the new term starting up in a week. It will be my LAST TERM hopefully. If I don't screw it up. lol I only have one class scheduled; it is a refresher for the state board exam, and it will be pretty tough.

On a much lighter note, I have been making TONS of stuff! Mostly paper beads made from colorful glossy ads in magazines, or from newpaper articles. The cool part is, you can still see alot of the letters and words from the articles they were written from. Some of the beads I made the other night say "debt-ceiling" on them. I totally didn't plan it that way. It made me laugh! 

Here's all my supplies all ready to make some pretty beads!

Here's some of the finished beads on their little drying pedestal.

This is a variety of beads I've made over the last two nights.

I will be making more of them soon. I need some more general colors like green, and black and brown. I will also post pics soon of some of the bracelets I've made from these. I want to make a cool necklace out of the newspaper ones for myself! :p

Ok I have to open in the morning, so I am off to bed!
Have a great night!