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If and when I post images of my handmade jewelry here, just know that these are crappy webcam pics of them. Sharper and prettier images of the products will be posted to the River Rock Jewelry site later, when the item is ready for sale!

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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Random Images GALORE!

Ok so recently, I've admitted to a little bit of slacking. I have also been taking lots of pictures!
Like these that I just took right now!
One night we were playing with Sonny and she was so excited so wouldn't sit still for the pictures, and ended up looking like a tribble in this one.
I had to post this one of Aaron passed out in the chair.
I think he's adorable.
It actually is quite a popular chair.
Here is one of my dean's list certificates.
Here's all of my books for the last few terms.
Aaron also got me a music theory book so I can finally learn sheet music!
Even still we stick to our ghetto/redneck ways.
Good example : my new porch light
Someone please come rewire my house for me.
But at least we keep a good sense of humor about it all!
Aaron's cell phone is SO much cooler than mine.

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Friday, March 19, 2010


I literally spent 10 minutes looking for this video tonight, and it's not even the whole clip I wanted but something reminded me of this scene and I had to share my laugh with you.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

this is Jenny at 3am

...sleepy and tired of reading headlines. I'm not posting them all tonight, I'm too tired and too frustrated by the world we live in. If you are reading this, go out and find a documentary about philosophy called "Examined Life". Don't ask, just do. Myself? I'm going to bed, and maybe when I get off work tomorrow, I'm gonna stop by the library and finally renew my card so I can read more about why we are generally destined to be screwed up. Well, until we finally figure it all out. I hope it's not too late by then.

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Monday, March 8, 2010

well Im catching up a little

Since I missed like a whole 2 months, Im gonna go backwards in time a little to show you what you missed. One of those being the cutest star wars toys IVE EVER SEEN.

I saw alot of valentines this year but this was by far my favorite

Aaron also found this image of the human body's systems done subway style. I thought it was neat.

For all of you crybabies who say you cannot accept that the world we live in doesnt have flying cars, eat this:

Science has been kicking so much ass this year so far, and medical science is not exception:

Click ME to see how

And did you know that the Chilean earthquake might have shortened the days on our planet?

Click ME to see how

We also learn ALOT from the world around us. Wasps might help us to combat one of the worst bacterias out there.

Click on me to see the story (those other two links suck by the way and I ROCK)

and finally

...And so must I. Today I have my first psychology class. Im kinda excited.

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Thursday, March 4, 2010

I haven't mentioned lately how much I love Netflix. They have ALOT of online content. So I'm now addicted to The Office. The American version. I guessI should have watched the British version first, but it's too late now. I'm on like season 5. lol So asusual, I find another excuse to be up too late.

I have to sleep.
If you are up reading this later too you should really go to bed.
It's really late!

But listen to this first...

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