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Monday, March 8, 2010

well Im catching up a little

Since I missed like a whole 2 months, Im gonna go backwards in time a little to show you what you missed. One of those being the cutest star wars toys IVE EVER SEEN.

I saw alot of valentines this year but this was by far my favorite

Aaron also found this image of the human body's systems done subway style. I thought it was neat.

For all of you crybabies who say you cannot accept that the world we live in doesnt have flying cars, eat this:

Science has been kicking so much ass this year so far, and medical science is not exception:

Click ME to see how

And did you know that the Chilean earthquake might have shortened the days on our planet?

Click ME to see how

We also learn ALOT from the world around us. Wasps might help us to combat one of the worst bacterias out there.

Click on me to see the story (those other two links suck by the way and I ROCK)

and finally

...And so must I. Today I have my first psychology class. Im kinda excited.

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