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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

a REAL update, NOT an April Fools joke

Ok so as usual, life hurls itself around the corner at me and runs me down before I see it coming. It has been INSANE. Work, and all the things that have been going on here for the last few months... NO really, the last year has been life changing for me in so many ways. I have too much on my plate again, and its not going to be easy.

First and foremost, EVERYONE moved out. lol Its now me and Aaron and Yaya of course. We have three roommates again, and for all those people who ragged me about living with more people, YOU pay my bills on my budget. I need them right now. I HAVE to go to school. There is just no other logical answer!

There's Ian, who's a pretty cool guy. I used to work with him at Stream. And Richard and his girlfriend Leslie. (YAY I'M NOT THE ONLY GIRL) She went to Munford, so Ive known her for a while. Richard is an old schooler in the house, he came from association to Thomas. He's always been a stand up guy.

I can't even make you understand how much time and energy Aaron and I hav put into cleaning the mess they left in this house. Whole days off, just to do half a room. I've literally had to disinfect EVERYTHING in this house. The carpets are not salvageable, we will need new ones, but I did manage to shampoo the worst parts of them. We had to rearrange everything, and we still aren't done. The next big project after the inside of the house is settled, is to move to the insanity in the back yard. It literally looks like a forest floor back there. We have alot of small trees to uproot, and only God knows how many bags of leaves. 3 years worth. It's going to be SO MUCH FUN.

Ok so. I'm trying to work while I figure out where I will be going to go to school. Maybe National for the Pharm Assistant course. At least I'll be able to get a job anywhere theres a pharmacy or hospital. And this month alone, I'm already half booked for the days I don't work. lol My mother is coming to visit with my stepdad Wes the 11th thru the 15th, and then Haley and I are going up to her aunt's in east TN the 19th thru the 23rd. Both events are going to be a blast. I've really missed Wes, and my mother is always fun to see. I'm also really looking forward to exploring some more of Niota Tn and getting to see Aunt Donna again.

And YES, I know I said I'd reinstall Galaxies... I HAD to get the AC fixed... its spilling water all over my kitchen. And the guy is doing this off the clock as a favor to the landlady and can only come by here at certain times, and we've been trying to fix the network issues in the house (and finally did! thanks to yours truly!) and I've been busy OK?!??! Besides I have to make room for it first onthe drive. So just gimme some time.


Speaking of which... Ive got to get to bed, I work a double tomorrow. You need me, you know how to find me. If not you really need to email me. OR heres an idea... COMMENT! I dont have a single comment! /sadface