HEY I just wanna say...

I do not own many of the things I share and/or talk about on this website.
If I do own something, my ego will actually force me to make that clear to you,

I promise.

If and when I post images of my handmade jewelry here, just know that these are crappy webcam pics of them. Sharper and prettier images of the products will be posted to the River Rock Jewelry site later, when the item is ready for sale!

You should get the total Jenny experience
by listening to the music video at the top of each post
while reading my ramblings.

And do not let my eccentric, vulgar music throw you off,
I'm a actually a well-adjusted, happy person!


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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

new designs

I have been a busy little bee. Wanna see?

Some of these are already up on the
River Rock website, but not all.
One of them has already been sold!
Hope you like them!


Friday, March 25, 2011

ZOMG Im finally done uploading

(An oldie but a goodie. This song always makes me want to cry.
It reminds me of my father)

I have been uploading images to River Rock Jewelry since about 7pm tonight. IT IS NOW AFTER MIDNIGHT. That's a lot of pictures! I currently have 155 items for sale on my site!!! This makes me very happy! Also that's only about HALF of the items I have to sell. lol I have a lot more to take images of and upload to the site. Here is a crappy webcam picture of the MESS of items I have in boxes in the floor next to my desk.

 I will never be done lol

I should know about my school internship schedule by Monday, hopefully. I do have tomorrow to look forward to though. Haley, my mother, and I are all going out downtown to Bluefin tomorrow night for dinner. We have a reservation at 7pm in one of the private dining rooms. Its gonna be so awesome. They have the best sushi in Memphis. I also really like their mussels. I'm super excited!


So I started writing this post about an hour ago, and then my roommate Leslie came in and we started talking about things, and I got distracted. It is now 1:32 am, and I feel like she and I just connected. We talked about school, and finding a better path in our lives, and how we plan on getting there. I know she and I have never been SUPER close, but I feel like we have many things in common despite the big gaps in differences we have. I care alot about Leslie, and I want her to be happy in life. I hope she finds what she is looking for.

I started this day exhausted and down. I end it upbeat and optimistic about life. 
Have a great night everyone!


Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lord please fix my AC unit

(I know it's Whitesnake, but I love this song so deal with it.)

The AC went out tonight in the house, so we opened all the windows, and it wasn't TOO bad, but it was still pretty warm in here. Tomorrow will be even worse I'm sure. It's supposed to get up to past 70 tomorrow for most of the day, which means it will be 80 plus in here. Thank god we have a window unit upstairs so I can actually sleep. I'll call Matt in the morning and see if he can't swing by and fix it for me.

I'm headed out to Haley's in the morning to take pics of all my new items for sale! I have about 25 or more to take images of, so I have to rush the photography session to get back here in time to get to work by 5. I won't have time to post them, but I will do it as soon as I get home tomorrow, which will be past 11pm. 

I have had absolutely no time to play anything this week, so I haven't been on LOTRO in days. I apologize to Ryan for abandoning him as soon as he joined the game. It's just been a hell of a week for me. 

I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams everyone!

Monday, March 14, 2011

I made alot this week!

Well, Ive been a busy little bee this week, pumping out piece after piece. At least 2 each night. Here are two more I did tonight.

These are really unique. There is a necklace and a double ringed bracelet.

Just wanted to share them quickly before I literally pass out in this chair.
Gnite all!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

I made this too

Still my favorite Prince song.

This one was made tonight!
Real stone quartz!

Also made tonight, were these two.
They are actually two seperate necklaces.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

I made this

All of these creations were made tonight with my defective numb HANDS lol

Friday, March 11, 2011

Up too late again... IMAGINE THAT

I have been having a lot of fun with my new guild, Bastion of Light. They took me on a very short burst of chaos tonight in a place called CD. Don't ask me what it stands for, I honestly have no idea. I'm not even really sure how well I did for that short 5 minute session. I realized very quickly that I am a noob at this instance run stuff, and I have alot to learn.

Aaron and Haley are really having fun too with it all, and the guild seems to really like us. I'm pretty quiet, which is not normal for me. I think I learned my lesson with being pushy and loud and talkative. I don't want them to think I'm annoying, or a weirdo lol. I'll be honest though, I miss ACT. (The Allied Combat Team, my old guild in Star Wars Galaxies) I miss the boys and their ridiculousness. This guild is definitely NOT ACT. They don't curse, they are REALLY polite, and sometimes, I catch myself about to say something in guild chat that I totally shouldn't say. I miss my crazy Galaxies buddies. Hopefully soon, I will find myself a late night person to stick with, and be able to be a little more of myself.

Speaking of ACT, I jumped in one of the many venty servers they have setup and talked with Brandon and Larry the other night. I also talked to Brian for a few minutes earlier today in his vent server. I think that's what made me miss it so much. Most of them are all still playing Galaxies or the EMU (SWG emulator), and I think are just waiting on TOR to come out. (Knights of the Old Republic) Knowing my luck, I won't have the pc power to run it, which will make me very sad. It's not that I don't like LOTRO, it's just that Haley and Aaron are WAY more into it than I am. It makes me feel out of place.

I'm really into my characters though, and have been taking a ton of screenshots.

I have to sleep now. Have a wonderful night/day/whatever.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sunday, March 6, 2011

the time has come

I have recently been gearing up to start my internships, and this has meant putting a lot of things on hold, the jewelry sales being one of many. I have pumped out as many new peices as possible, and will continue to make a few here and there, but I will not be accepting any custom orders after the 12th of March. I will also say that I have recently acquired a mother load of vintage beads. I would suggest that you contact me soon, and come out to my house asap, to pick out the best and prettiest of these beads while you can. Ive got people claiming stuff left and right.

Since things have been winding up, the stress level has been going up as well. I am using exercise as an outlet, and it seems to be helping, but it has put a strain on my relationships with others as of late. I am not around as much as I would like to be, and I feel like I am missing out on some pretty important moments. I just keep telling myself that when this is all over, I will be making more of those moments. Since all of my health issues, I simply feel drained. I laid down today with a minor headache and passed out for like 3 hours. Aaron tried to get me up several times, and even after the nap, I'm still exhausted. Time slips away and before I know it the week is already over, and I start over to do it all again.

I made a great dinner tonight too, despite the headache. Fried pork Schnitzel with home made gravy, green beans and cornbread. M M M! It was freaking awesome.

Ok I'm off to watch something before bed.
Gnite darlings!