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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Lord please fix my AC unit

(I know it's Whitesnake, but I love this song so deal with it.)

The AC went out tonight in the house, so we opened all the windows, and it wasn't TOO bad, but it was still pretty warm in here. Tomorrow will be even worse I'm sure. It's supposed to get up to past 70 tomorrow for most of the day, which means it will be 80 plus in here. Thank god we have a window unit upstairs so I can actually sleep. I'll call Matt in the morning and see if he can't swing by and fix it for me.

I'm headed out to Haley's in the morning to take pics of all my new items for sale! I have about 25 or more to take images of, so I have to rush the photography session to get back here in time to get to work by 5. I won't have time to post them, but I will do it as soon as I get home tomorrow, which will be past 11pm. 

I have had absolutely no time to play anything this week, so I haven't been on LOTRO in days. I apologize to Ryan for abandoning him as soon as he joined the game. It's just been a hell of a week for me. 

I'm off to bed. Sweet dreams everyone!

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