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Wednesday, April 13, 2011

gaining speed... soon to be at starburst

I met with the pharmacist in charge of my internship today. She seems like a very sweet lady. When I got there this morning though, they acted surprised to see me. Apparently they have had some problems with past interns, and were told they wouldn't be getting any more. Then I show up at their doorstep, all giddy and smiles. When they finally got the ok for me to be there, I had to take the Federal HIPPA test, and that took a while to complete. OF COURSE I passed with flying colors. lol A 5 yr old could pass that. They drill it into your head over and over, and then ask you the same questions a million times. We talked about a schedule for the whole thing, and I left soon afterwards so I could rush to work. It was a short shift, but I am  exhausted tonight. I got up really early today.

I also spent a good amount of time working on some jewelry storage issues that I am having. If anyone knows anyone that might be able to build me a large jewelry tree, or rack for necklaces and bracelets, PLEASE let me know. I have no carpentry skills whatsoever, and I am running out of room!!! I do not want to invest in even more cork boards, or peg hook boards, I am spread out enough across the small amount of storage space I do have as it is. I need to build UP not out. lol

I want this, but this is nice too, but I would need it to hold many more than 20.

I have to sleep now, I have a dentist appt in the morning, then off to school.

Gnite peoples.


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