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Saturday, April 16, 2011

long day

(This reminds me of someone I used to know better than myself)

We spent most of yesterday night at the hospital with Aaron's dad. He had an inguinal hernia that was massive, and creating a lot of pain for him. They rushed him into emergency surgery last night, and when we originally talked about the repercussions of it with the doctor, things didn't sound too good. They said it was possible that part of his bowel or his colon might have come out and there might be a lot of tissue loss or even tissue death. The surgeon was very blunt and short with John, and I didn't like him very much. He seemed bothered that he might have to stay late and save John's life. I hoped that his pushy arrogance belied his genius in the operation room, and that seemed to be the case. They took him into surgery about 10:30 pm last night. In a little over an hour he was out, and doing fantastically. They said no organs had protruded the hole, and that all of his tissues seemed to be intact, despite the fact that this possibly happened a few days ago, and John didn't let anyone know about it until the pain was so intense he couldn't take it anymore. He is doing so well in fact that they just let him out of the hospital to go home about an hour ago. He is still in a lot of pain, but they have him on some good meds, so he should heal up pretty well. We were really worried about his blood pressure through the whole thing. Massive pain like he experienced is enough to shoot up anyone's adrenaline and blood pressure, but he did really well. They did have to be extra careful during surgery because John is on Plavix which is a blood thinner. They said they gave him platelets to counteract the medication and bleeding wasn't a real problem.

I'm so releived that he did so well. He and Aaron don't show alot of emotion, and I know that Aaron was in knots over his dad being back in the hospital in such an awful condition. Seeing his dad in that much pain was overwhelming for him. He had to watch his mother go through alot of pain recently with her operations and it was awful then too. But last night Aaron had to face the fact that his father might not come out of this one unscathed. Thank the gods that he did, but I think the whole experience has worn him down.

We are gonna spend the rest of the day in bed hopefully.


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