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Thursday, August 28, 2008

ok its not my usual stuff but I was browsing Fark and found this title for a follow-up story about how Russia's all pissy with the US cause of the Georgia invasion and whatnot. and I had to share the Fark title for this story with you... cause its FUNNY

So Pooty was all "Biatch, you made Georgia do it," and the US went, "Uh-UHH, you crazy?" and Pooty went "I seen you was there," and the US was all "Damn, you ARE crazy, I can't talk to your dumb ass."

Click ME to see a neat page that tracks big ocean storms. Hopefully mom and bro will be here when Gustav hits. My stepdad will still be down there tho. BE CAREFUL WES!!!

This is pretty cool... THIS LINK IS FOR SATAN

Ok so when they start transforming cells from one type to another its just freakin cool man.

You think you've seen everything, and then you see a video of Barbie dolls performing Ace of Spades by Motorhead. The internet - it never disappoints...

Oh and BTW all links are safe for work!!!


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