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Thursday, August 14, 2008

For No One

Well, I got to work this morning, and I was supposed to work 11-3. A short shift, but damnit its money. And Morgan sends me home, which is cool, he did offer me to stay and all, and I sorta did jump on the opportunity because I havent had a day off in over a week, so Im going to eat and read the news and do laundry, and fuck off for a day. SO THERE...


A few days ago, I was on my way home, and I almost ran over this ADORABLE pit bull puppy. Maybe 6 months old. We went all over trying to find his owner, but noone knew who he belonged to. Jake across the street had a friend who might take him, but the friend didnt want him in the end because he was mostly white in color. With a brendel face mask and two spots of brendle right on his butt and back. Long skinny white legs and tail. SO CUTE. I was gonna have to have the Humane Society come get him, cause goddamnit I cant. I dont have the fucking money to do it, and I WISH I COULD but I cant. :( But a girl at work took him and gave him to her neice and nephew, who were really cute too btw lol. around 10 or so, they all got along really well right away, so Im glad the little trouble maker will have someone to play with. Aaron gave him that nickname because that puppy had to concept of space, or any discpline at all, he would just try to take stuff out of your hand, chew on your arm, and pounce on you at any given moment. You couldnt walk 5 steps without him getting between your feet. And he wasnt house trained, so that sucked, but hey its part of the responsibility of a puppy lol. He really was cute, I only got a few pics with the cam on my phone, cause the damned digicam my mother got me wont turn on. Dont ask, I dont want to talk about it, ok?!?!?

In fact, Im going to change the subject. ON TO THE NEWS...

A few months ago, I saw a story about this guy who got HPV from an accident on his leg, and not long after his body started growing these insanely huge warts all over his body. So much so, that people in his village in Indonesia call him the "Tree Man", because it REALLY DOES look like tree bark. Craziest thing I've ever seen. Here's a video of him discussing it all with some interviewers from the Discovery Channel, in a special they did on him. Then this morning, I saw another story of him, after a big surgery, and he looks so much happier! GOOD FOR HIM. Thats so fucked up, the poor guy.

BTW, the whole moon-hoax thing is just RETARDED. Seriously? No, really, you've GOT to be kidding... What a load of bullshit. Look, someone even did the math for you....

Well They have built a robot, and put the cultured brain neurons from rats in a dish and hooked it all up and WHAMMO we got a robot with a REAL bio brain, but this isnt the first time this has happened. If you look in the comments for the story youll see this one, all the way back from 2004. Very cool indeed.

Ive been looking into alot of things about the ocean lately. Ive missed hearing the ocean the last few months. Just out of the blue. So thats why I love these stories. And this story and this one too. Those last two were from a few months back, but its just exciting to see. I wonder when theyll figure all of it out and post some more pics of the "new" species they found out there. Or when theyll figure out that the world is changing for the worse.

And I saw yesterday that scientists have made the "buzz-kill" pill.

Anyways, Im done for while, I need to do some stuff around the house and eat and whatnot. Call me, the house phone is back up and I got the cell.



Dora-For No One

I Am Over
Bent by the weight of
Of all this and other things
That we never speak of

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