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Sunday, August 10, 2008

i'm wide awake man

I think Im going to try to make this. lol I want some cool summer shirts and I WANT THEM TO FIT ME. Im so tired of shopping, I just want to be comfortable!!!

Ive been listening to ALOT of Kenna lately. Hell Bent. And Wide Awake. My head is swimming in music all day.

I bumped into this story and I laughed myself into a coma, and then I secretly wanted a pair of my own.

So they've found a snail (excuse me, A MOLLUSK) that can tell you when you're going to become ill. Thats CRAZY TALK. lol

Dogs are just so awsome. I really just love these animal behavior stories.

Someone posted video of the GI Joe movie finally, and it looks COOL.

I have to sleep for work tomorrow. Im off on Tuesday, so I gotta find a new bank so I dont have to drive to Millington every time I need a bank.


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