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Monday, August 4, 2008

word of the day - blah

Kenneth came by and gave me money for the Contour so Im not COMPLETELY broke anymore. lol I got some pants (finally) for work, and alot of things we needed at Walmart tonight, and while I was there I saw THE CUTEST DAMN TOYS. They are called Mighty Muggs. They have every super hero you can think of, from Wolverine to an Indiana Jones Fertility Idol. I WANT THOR!!! LOL The slogan on the front is the best... Made from 100% recycled AWSOME

Aaron and I sat here and laughed the entire 3 and a half or so minutes this video ran. This poor guy had no TV and couldnt get thru to the cable people, so he let the expletives loose on their answering machine.

Ive totally found my next car. ITS JENNY SIZED

Tell me how this isnt a great example of misleading advertising. ITS ON THE BOX

Here's some recent pics of the aminals too

I work all week this week, Im not sure when my next day off will be, and Im working a double on SUNDAY - the worst day of the week. I also got a cell phone finally, so if you want the number you better leave me a comment.


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