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Monday, July 14, 2008

another musical morning

I am in love yet again with another set of songs I dont even have words to describe my obsession with.


Listen to the one labeled Hell Bent, or Vexed and Glorious. Beautiful.


TV on the Radio

The best ones are Satellite, or Wolf like me, or Staring at the Sun

Both of these bands have been around a little while now, but I have so many dreams to those songs, I just had to share.

Now Im going to share new pics!!!

This is my cousin Matt out at a family BBQ

Some of my family, my grandfather and grandmother, and my Aunt Barbara, and my mom back there in the center.

HEres a better one of mom, and my Aunt Barbara.

My uncle Ken and the latest generation of troublemakers

Here's my granfather again, and Lori my cousin, and my uncle Bill

And here's Aaron, trying not to be bored lol

I love that damn dog.

Kitty has had alot of fun with this box lately.

And then yesterday he saw a bird, and sat here for over 20 mins trying to figure out how to kill and eat it.
He finally gave up and fell asleep.

Also here are pics of me and Haley trying to pretend we arent taking our own pictures lol.

Im gonna go play Galaxies for a little while. The accounts are free right now for the 5 year anniversary, so I better get my share of fun in while I can.

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