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Saturday, July 5, 2008

ok I know its been a while...

I have lots of pictures to share. Ive been working my ass off in the house trying to get things settled after the move, and with all the work being done. New roof, plumbing work, and soon hopefully Ill get to shampoo the carpets!!! Anyways on to the pics.

Dylan came out to stay the night at Haleys today, since the parentals are out of town visiting Donna, and Anthony stopped by too. It had been at least 7 years since Id seen him. Maybe the last time all four of us went up to East Tn to see Donna and Larry. Larry was such a good guy, its really a shame he went the way he did. But it was really nice to hang out with these two while they played guitar for us.

And of course Trixie was estatic about the whole event, but not happy with the fireworks from the neighbors.

And the little kitty was at it at usual, trying to kill my flipflops, and biting my leg and toes.

Even when her mother tried to give her a bath.

Before she had the kitten, June was stark white. Pretty much how the kitten is now, with some tips on the feet or tail. And now that June is a mom, shes completely changed color schemes. Its really weird, ALOT of brown has come into her coat, and more spots on her face and legs and tail. I mean she almost looks like a totally different cat.

So I came home to let Yaya out, and this is how I found her, completely unwilling to come out of her cage, because the neighbors across the street had alot of family over, and they were out setting some big fireworks off.

LOL! And I mean I tried to get her out of this cage for 10 minutes. I sat in front of the cage with food, and you can see all the toys I got for her... and she wasnt budging.

So after the neighbors had their fill of explosions, I mixed her food with some of the sauce from the stroganoff I made for dinner, and coaxed her out a little, but not much... LOL

And the cat - I swear to god, he is so funny. Hes been acting crazy since Brian and Christi moved out. The house has been in a disaster area, nothing is where it was, and theres been people climbing on the roof, making loud noises. Lets just say kitty is unhappy, and grumpy, and a little crazy right now. When I made dinner tonight, the cat had been following me around the house, wondering WTF was going on outside and why I was so obsessed with the dog. I love this cat's expressions. He cracks me the hell up. He sat on the laundry table and watched me cook dinner; ears back, with a wild look in his eye.

Thursday, when the roofers came out to start, he was VERY upset that first day. I got my camera and made this little short of kitty in a bad mood. lol

I should have waited to finish it too, cause I go back in there like an hour later, and I found him like this.

Im gonna miss Thomas the Terrible when hes gone.

You know what else I miss? DRIVING. lol Gas is too high to be out joy riding like we used to.

Try some of these on for size. We took all of these with my cam down by the river.

Ok thats all I got, and its LATE, so Im off.


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