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Sunday, July 20, 2008

Its been a busy week. I got the kitchen done, except for the mopping, which Ill have to wait on cause I dont have money to replace the mop Brian broke. But the pantry is finally bug free and clean as a whistle. I moved all the food back in today too, and we got LOTS of room to spare. I even had room for all the misc kitchen appliaces that Mike owns and never uses.

Richard moved in this weekend too. I got Brian and Christi's old room shampooed thanks to Aaron's mom, and the bathroom all spick and span. It was an AMAZING difference once I got done. And I couldnt have done it all without Aaron. He really is the most awsome person ever.

Kitty wasnt happy about moving out of that room, but he can get over it. In a few months he will have a new house to piss in, and wont be here anymore. I think Yaya will even be happy about that.

And Adam stopped by to see me this week.

He was supposed to come back by this Saturday, but things got a little crazy and I never got to call him back.

I was outside today taking some trash out, and I found this vine wrapped around the old broken mop that I had just stuck there a few days ago to be thrown out.

So I wrapped it around the cross. lol I thought it would look cool.

I go into work on Monday, so I wont have as much time to play after this weekend. /SIGH


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