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Friday, September 19, 2008

love will tear us apart again - The Cure

I HATE MONEY! I want to start sewing so bad I cant stand it. I have alot of ideas for clothes and I cant do shit cause Im POOR. lol Hopefully soon tho, Haley and I can get started on the GIANT denim blanket we are making. That fabric I been saving over the last like NINE years. lol But to get something that will be worthy of making a nice autumn shirt.

Haley is gonna start a Demon game, and Richard and I are gonna play. Thomas says hes too busy, and Aaron isnt really interested. Its gonna be neat, we will be in Nazi Germany during the height of the war. We're gonna be like super soldiers forced to do the bidding of our douchbag Nazi masters. I think itll be cool.

Also, Im trying to get on at AT&T hopefully soon. If I do itll help SO MUCH. Money and insurance wise. Im excited about going there. Hopefully itll help me get thru school later on, and be flexible with me.

Im tired, I work early tomorrow. Goodnight everyone!

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