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Tuesday, November 11, 2008

we are on our own litte love island

Ok so, I havent felt like writing, so there. But in the time since I last posted we had a yard sale. We made more than we spent on it, but people just dont yard sale out here apparently. We put an ad out, put up 10 signs outside and inside the neighborhood, and bought balloons for the mailbox so it was easy to spot. A few people that came by were looking for specific things that we either had few of or didnt have at all. I did have out my jewelry, and I did manage to sell quite a few peices. I even custom made two necklaces for people. One of those was a chunky necklace that was made of all natural stones. It came out so pretty. We cooked burgers and hot dogs on the grill out front, and ate like kings cause none of the people who said they were gonna show did. and we musta had like 10 burgers left. lol So all in all it was a good day.

Morgan scheduled me and Daniel downstairs today cleaning out The Dungeon. IT WAS HORRIBLE. It literally looked like a hurricane hit it. PILES of shit everywhere. Paperwork, furniture, equipment and some of the strangest things you'd think you'd find in the storage area under a deli. This "storage" area is HUGE. I takes up the entire square footage of the store itself, so the main room is massive, and its split up into 7 rooms beyond that which aren't small in any way. It used to be office space for the HR for J&E so I even managed to talk Morgan into letting me have one of the desks and file cabinets. lol Besides all the junk I brought home today from there. Office supplies, art supplies, some household containers and tupperware for storage. It was really exhausting work, but it was well worth it. We got the main room done, and part of the second room, but we left around 4 today, and will pick back up next monday, and then every monday, until we are done. I'm really dreading the 4th room, because it looks like that place is breeding ground for all kinds of spiders. Cobwebs everywhere. There IS a reason they call it The Dungeon.

My brother wrecked his bike the other night. When my mother called and told me I really got scared, and my mom said it could have been alot worse, but he's actually ok. Skinned and bruised, but he had a helm on, and he's healing. My mother just said "well what CAN I say?" and left it at that. /sigh

Im going to bed. I work too much.

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