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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

puppy dog tails...


Ive become the neighborhood dog saver. I found another one yesterday. Ran right out in front of the car and I got out and he became a statue trying to check me out. When I bent down on my knee he came right up to me, almost as if to say Oh thankGOD SOMEONE NICE!!! I was calling him Bones cause he was so skinny, but Richard called him SKELETOR all night. lol He didnt seem to react to any verbal commands, and would only come to you if you made kissing sounds. But he was smart, he could be trained. He pretty much learned what NO means while he was here. SUCH a sweet dog. Maybe part pit, and beagle, prolly about 8 months old. The way he acted towards people made me think that he had been mistreated by someone. He was pretty trusting, but still pretty weary of anyone coming up too fast on him, or any time Id raise my voice to yell at Yaya for misbehaving he would get all jumpy. Speaking of Yaya, SHE HATED HIM. She was SO mad at me too for bringing him in the house. JEALOUS TOO. Omg dude she whined all night, anytime Id touch him. But he didnt really care anything about her, or the cat for that matter, except tomaybe hump them. HE HUMPED EVERYTHING. lol but he was at that almost not puppy anymore stage, and would have grown out of it. I really wish we could have kept him, Aaron really liked him alot. But we cant afford it right now, so I took him to the shelter in South Memphis today out on American Way. I hope he's going to be ok.

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