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Sunday, January 10, 2010

I'm in trouble now...

Well, Haley finally did it. She dragged me to LOTRO about a week ago, I made a female human Minstrel (I named her Ahryslan of course) and I've had to sorta play alone at first so I could get out of the starter area and be somewhere that Haley could help me, and we could hang out. See now, I thought that I wouldn't enjoy this game as much as SWG so I had pretty much convinced myself that I shouldn't take time away from school to play it. Prolly a good decision right? Well tonight I'm roaming around West Bree (for all the LOTRO players) and I came across this player group of BANDMATES! As a minstrel I can play music, and I'd been having fun out in the middle of nowhere in the woods while resting, picking out Three Blind Mice or something silly, and here in front of me is a BAND playing songs from The Beatles, Guns and Roses, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Dave Matthews, Queen, and even orchestral soundtrack pieces from the movie Halloween and Pirates of the Caribbean. You have to understand, you can literally pick notes as if you're playing the instrument. I always used to say that I wished they'd made it that way in Galaxies. They just use MIDI format so it isn't the greatest sound, but its just NEAT. YES I am amused easily! So now I'm HOOKED. This is a mystery that I must unravel. But I can't right now, I have to open at work in the morning, and I'm tired as hell.

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  1. LOTRO huh? So how ya doing? Life is good with me. I'm out of the navy and am enjoying time with my wife and kids.


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