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Friday, May 21, 2010

i need to rant a little

I just got another piece of mail for someone who doesn't live here anymore. This isn't abnormal, it happens all of the time because the ten million people that have lived here over the years used this address for a multitude of things, and are too lazy to get a freaking change of address form. SO, I have been collecting it in a box, to take to the post office to tell them to stop delivery on everyone. Most of the mail is junk, and some of it is very important, but I can't convince some people of how important it is to not only READ the mail that the state might be sending here about their child support information, but to also to respond to it. That would require them to come here and get it, or even at the least to send me a mail order to pay to send it to them by mail.

Are you effing serious?

Well anyways, today, I check the mail and SOMEONE got a BABYTALK magazine. Now I know that this person hasn't gotten anything like that in the past, and is currently in the persuit of making a family with his wife. So I am to assume that this certain someone is still using my home address to sign up for junk mail that he doesn't want to get himself? I call bullshit, and I demand action. If you *%#$^%$ don't stop using my address, I will hunt you down and paper cut you to death. That is a really horrible way to die, so don't bring this on yourself. Just be an adult and go to the damned post office and fill out the change of address form. It takes like 10 minutes. And if you have to wait in a really long line to get it done, then it serves you right for doing what you did. Or didn't do. Whatever.

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