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Saturday, May 15, 2010

this is amazing

Leslie showed me this earlier today

The kid is TWELVE. I really am not into Lady Gaga very much, and I sorta liked her version of this song, but the way this kid does it, its almost a totally different song. A very beautiful song.

Well I have done one final, and still have two to take. After May the 22nd this term is over. I start back to my next term like a week later(lol) but I'm still pumped. This term I took Accounting 1, a human disease class, and psychology. I did well in all of them, but I don't think I'll make straight A's this time. Accounting kicked my ass this term. I had SO much homework to do, and I didn't turn everything in. I know,I know... I'M TIRED. I don't have to KILL myself to make the Dean's list EVERY semester. Next term I'm taking an ethics class, Environmental science, and Chemistry. If I can test out of the one Algebra class I have left to take, then ALL of my General Education classes are done, and all I have left is the actual Pharmacology classes and my 2 internships. I'm projected to graduate in May of next year, so ONE year left!!!

I gotta study. Ill be back later maybe. lol

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