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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Who told you love was fleeting?

Despite extra time (and I think it has a lot to do with my sleeping schedule) I have been unable to keep up with everything I have going on. Maybe I shouldn't make so many promises to so many people. I just love making people happy. With my work, with school, and with my jewelry business. I'm telling you, giving someone even a small gift, like a smile or laugh, really makes me happy. Sometimes I do wish it came my way a little more often, I won't lie. Everyone does things for selfish reasons. I do feel that of all of the selfish things I am prone to, that this one gives me the most pleasure. Just telling a joke, or being witty enough to impress someone with my sly way of making them feel better about something is great because I feel like I've made a real difference to someone's day. Hopefully. But making a custom set of jewelry that is a physical object for someone to wear just makes me silly with happiness. They are excited to see the totally personalized work come together from a bunch of beads and wire,and it is a piece of art that they can display for everyone to see. I LOVE IT. Even the general pieces I made for anyone, I just try to imagine someone reaching out to the display board and exclaiming, "Oh this is perfect!" I makes me happy to spread happiness.

I'm kinda manic today if you couldn't tell! I have extra energy, so I'm going to use it to take pictures of even more jewelry! lol I have a never ending supply of energy to MAKE more jewelry.

Oh, here's some more of my random happiness:

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