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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

a little catching up to do

I haven't written here in forever. I've been pretty engrossed in school and work. We have also had a lot of family members in and out of the hospital recently, so we have been looking after people's animals and houses. Coincidentally, Aaron's mom and my aunt Barbara were literally next door to one another in East hospital. Then like a week later, Aaron's dad and my grandfather were in North hospital together.

My grandfather had a urinary tract infection, but came out of the hospital fine, and stubborn as ever. My aunt is battling cancer, and was in due to complications from her chemotherapy. She also is very stubborn and doesn't always take care of herself after a batch of those horrible chemicals. I can't get on to her though, I'm sure the whole experience is exhausting and she has been doing these treatments for over 2 years now. Aaron's mother Diane is also battling cancer, and had some major complications herself with a serious infection right after her surgery. She is doing much better, but I haven't gotten to visit with her much. John, Aaron's dad, woke up one morning to find that he couldn't see or move his face muscles at all, not even to simply blink his eyes. It took a few weeks of diagnostics but they pinpointed it to a rare syndrome called Miller-Fisher which is a variant of Guillain-Barré Syndrome. It's basically where the immune system turns on the person's nerve fibers. It takes months of treatment, but we have already seen a big improvement in his facial coordination. His eyes still bother him really bad, and his balance is majorly affected, but he seems to be doing better with the exercises the physical and opthomological (eye) doctors have doing with him. He really just wants things to go back to normal, and I don't blame him. I would too.

Even though things have been really hectic, I have managed to do really well with this jewelry business. Click on the link on the left to visit it and tell me what you think! Tonight I pretty much sold over $150 worth of jewelry. It being so close to Christmas helped a lot. lol I've been telling people to go and check out these AWESOME deals I've been offering on these pieces, and people finally took me up on the offer. I've been told that I should charge more for this stuff, and now that I have some better crafting materials, I think I am going to! lol So you better grab it while it's still inexpensive! haha

The Chaos series has been a major hit. People love, and I quote, "the simplistic complexity" of the beads Ive been using. haha I'm totally an artist now! I have many pieces left that have not been uploaded to the website. I don't have my own camera capable of making the close-up shots that I need to show the detail of each piece. Haley Star has been my savior in that department, and I'm sure she's tired of me asking, but I need to use her camera again so that I can upload all of the new stuff. lol

Next term I have gone down to 2 classes, and I won't be starting my internship for one more term, so I should have some extra time off coming up soon to go to work more! YAY! lol I still this week and one more in this term, and I've got to get through Finals before I can make definitive plans for anything, but hopefully this next term won't be near as insane as this one was. I'll probably get to catch up with friends more this next term than I have in pretty much the previous two years. lol After my internships start, there will be this 6 month period where I will go all super cranky, and be engrossed in learning... and then I WILL GRADUATE!!!!!!! ZOMG I cannot believe its this close! I don't even have words for how excited I am about being out of school, and getting a good job. I only have 6 classes left, and my two internships. 9 months left and I'm FREE! Then I have to make a decision where we are moving, and then pass the cert test for that state, and then I can really get started on my new career. Like I said, no words can represent how I feel right now about all of this.

With that in mind, I'm gonna give my brain a rest, and run off to bed. I leave you with my chuckle for the evening. And don't take it personally, this is not directed at you. I just love Cee Lo Green.

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