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Sunday, June 13, 2010

business hours are over

This is probably overdone a little bit,
but it always makes me laugh.
Currently playing on JennyRadio:

So today I almost broke my toe, tripping on a dog toy
and slamming it into a table edge,
taking off a chunk O Jenny in the process.
Shoes are going to be my bane for the next few days.

I don't post them often but I wanted to share
some of my favorite screen shots
from our little world in LOTRO.
This is Aaron's dwarf Kwali, who is also a rune-keeper.
He has the most expressive face. I love him!

This is my elf Nalshara, who is a lore-master.
(Arahslan spelled backwards! ah ha!!!)
Also in this pic is her pet, Quoth, the Raven.
(I totally stole that name from Haley)

Here she is with her new bear. I haven't named him yet.
Anyone wanna name him?

This is our two hunters, Verain the hobbit and Maethur THE MAN.

Here is Maladhros the champion (Aaron) on the left, Ahryslan the minstrel (me) in the middle
and Edheriel the hunter (Haley) on the right.

Here is Maethur again with my guardian, Arahwen.
He loves that pirate costume so I got me an eye patch too lol

This is all from the last year or so of playing, and finally went through all of the pictures. Aaron has some good ones too, maybe I can convince him to post them on his blog. His pc is better than mine so his graphics are maxed out I think, and the images look so much nicer.

Im off to pass out.

1 comment:

  1. The bear must have a cool name like:
    or maybe best of all Faide


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