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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

This week's injury report:

1. One bruised left knee bumped hard on a coffee table
2. BOTH elbows from two different injuries, one involving the seriously sharp corner of my register at work, the other slammed into a door frame
3. a collision to my abdomen with the business end of a broom
4. and one large bump on the my temple from when I was in my trunk the other day and the wind blew so hard the trunk lid tried to take my head off.

Not to mention the soreness from working out again after months of slacking off.
My body is trying to kill me.

I started watching The Guild, at the insistence of Miss Star.
Its a miniseries about WOW geeks, and it's actually really funny.
I'm off to bed, I have an appointment for the dentist in the morning.

PS: I heard SWV at the gas station today when I took some of the guys from work home. So I've been on a 90's hip-hop/RnB kick today. I loved this song.

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