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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

I always feel so good after a workout

(Passion Pit is awesome to workout to!)

Hell, Ive forgotten how good the after feeling is, I've let it go for so long. 5 minutes of stretching, then 20 minutes of dancing with gentle toning movements for my arms and legs, Then 10 minutes of reps for my butt, back, arms and legs. Then 5 miles on the bike to really get the heart rate going. Today I went a half a mile longer. Then I walk some if it off, and stretch again. MAN do I feel good now. Before I started it felt like an old diesel engine getting started up, and I almost NEVER want to work out. But I make myself get up, put on a headset of loud fast music, and slowly start stretching. I close my eyes and imagine being on the dancefloor at a club with my friends. It puts me in one of those euphoric moods, and makes it easier to get into the mood to move lol

I had a workout buddy today! She wasn't very motivational though lol Yaya sat the whole time next to the bike like, WTH is she doing?!?!? STOP IT AND PLAY WITH ME!!!

I've also gotten myself out of the habit of writing again, and I finally accept that my general daily attitudes come in phases. Some days I let life get to me, and regularly wallow in my own self pity for a while. Then after my "girl time" usually, I hit a high peak again, and I'm back on track. Now, I happen to be back on my track of good thoughts and motivation. Realizing this about myself made this last bad phase easier to motivate myself. I just have to always keep in mind, good or bad mood, that i can do this... whatever it is. I have been through worse, and noone can beat me down but ME.

I can do this. I WILL do this, for ME.<3

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