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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

this one felt very real

Tonight, after Aaron went to bed, I played this song over and over...
O Fortuna

It helped me to remember.
This song played the length of my dream last night.

I was standing on a wide, partially frozen river. It was snowing, and the wind was bitterly cold against my face and extremities. I wasn't totally aware of myself, but I was shivering, and wanted badly to find something to cover my feet from the ice. I could see that the banks of the river on either side were very far away from me, and I could not decide which way to cross. I couldn't even remember why I was there in the first place, so the confusion soon lead to feelings of panic. I walked for what seemed like an eternity, toward what seemed to be the closest point to me. By the end of the trek, I was falling down exhausted, and half freezing to death. It was at this point that I actually saw myself, but it wasn't my face. It was the face of a stranger. I was shabbily dressed, beat up and sickly looking, and much older. The music during the dream had risen from the panic of figuring out that I am on a frozen wasteland, to the long journey across the cold expanse. Finally here, as I am falling down in an epic struggle of life and death, at what seemed to be a snow covered river bank only a moment ago, the music rises again to a deafening level of grandness. I use my frozen arms to pull myself to the edge, only to discover that I am lying facing down over the edge of an eternal abyss in every direction, except the land of frozen waste I just came from.

I didn't wake from this dream,
but I remembered it vividly when I did wake.
It's been a long time since I had a dream like that.

Oh, and finding this song with clips from Death Note was just a bonus btw.
I didn't do that part on purpose.

I'm off to go curl up in the bed next to my man,
and hopefully have more peaceful dreams tonight.


  1. Reading this makes me want to paint. :) You always have the best dreams for inspiration.

  2. ha ha well I'm glad I could inspire you! They don't happen like this very often, but when they do, it's hard to forget how it happened or how it felt.

  3. oh and I want to see it when its done!


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