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Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I only have a few things to show you,

First lets begin with:
It can be found here: click me and be in awe
(well, until they take it down)

If you have NOT had the chance to watch this show from the beginning, and if you have even the tiniest bit of humor for people who's dreams and aspirations in life are to become an evil villain and take over the world, then you MUST watch this show. It is absolutely ridiculous, and I love every character in the show. YES even the bad ones. But seriously, start from the beginning. It makes ALOT more sense that way.

Another gem that I ran across this week was:

Someone left it on the door of the bathroom,
so that it would known across the office
that they were the one that had to clean it up.
I know its random and silly, but I laughed until it hurt.

And lastly, my latest doodle.

I'm doing better with the smoking btw,
I'm giving myself a few days to wind down and then

Currently Playing on JennyRadio:

Oh, and before I go,
THIS and THIS - both are for Aaron,
and THIS is for Haley.
(I thought they might make you laugh)

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