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Sunday, October 25, 2009

I have been ill again for several weeks. At this point, I'm not sure exactly what is wrong with me. No fever anymore, no real congestion. Just an awful sounding dry cough, which seems to appear when I am hot, or if the air is humid. And alternating deafness in one of my ears. Well not deafness, but everything sounds muffled like I have an ear infection, but no fluid or pain or tenderness. And it's REALLY messing with my vertigo again. I've had this problem off and on in my life, and this specific ear infection has made me lose my balance doing even simple tasks.

My father was here this morning. He came all the way to Memphis to buy me a new set of tires and an oil change. Nice of him isn't it? Despite all of the trouble and gas he spent getting to Memphis, and he was happy to do it. I feel bad that Tammy, (his girlfriend) has to be his chauffeur, but she seems glad to visit with us. I hope she feels welcome here. She is good for my father. She helps him to keep himself centered and grounded, and focused onmore important matters. She is a genuinely honest person; you can tell that from 5 minutes of talking to her.

I love Tammy.

Haley even drove all the way here from Tipton just to see my dad today. It had been many years, possibly 6 years, since she had seen him. They hugged and laughed about how old we all look now, and we sat around talking through the morning after he and I had gotten the car done. It was really nice.

Here's a pic from today of Haley and Ronnie (my father) that Aaron took while they were talking and not paying attention to him. (the sneaky bastard) He wanted me to apologize for the blurriness of the image, but I'm not gonna! You will look at this blurry image, and you will like it!!!!!!1

Aaron and I are both off tomorrow! YAY!!! And I am now off to bed. It's gonna feel so awesome to slip into that bed tonight, next to my love. I'm really exhausted, and I missed him alot today.

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