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Monday, October 5, 2009

I want to do this to my hair

But with different colors.
Maybe I'll stay with my natural brown and do the black underneath.
Or possibly a red, WHO KNOWS?
I haven't quite made up my mind yet.

After getting off on Saturday night, I was exhausted.
I slept like the DEAD.

Today I was off, so Aaron and I made pancakes and sausage for breakfast. Then I rearranged the side living room AGAIN now that Donny is all moved in. (did I mention that before? okay well if i didn't, Richard's buddy Donny moved into Ian's old room this weekend.) It's just until he gets his own apartment. He is separating from his wife, so he needed a layover spot I suppose. Im just happy to pay less rent. Between his job and their little girl, he won't be here often, he "really just needs a place to store his stuff," he says. He seems like a nice guy, he makes a good wage at a local dairy doing deliveries. At least I know up front that he will be able to cover his rent, but we shall see where this adventure leads us.

Oh and I spoke to the landlady. She says she won't sell the house out from under us, thatshe willlet us know "well in advance." I'm sure that could mean anything. I'm really afraid this is gonna be bad, but I'm going to keep my cool about it. I think moving out of this place and getting something else would be nice, but COME ON you can't beat $175 a month. And God knows, we need it be cheap while I'm still in school.

The dogs, Yaya and Sunny, are getting along much better recently. They are almost playing with each other! Right now, they are kind of stuck on the playing around each other phase. Yaya I think has gotten used to Sunny barking alot when she's excited. At first Yaya's ears would just go straight back, and her tail would drop, and she'd look at me like "WHY IS SHE BARKING?!?!?" She does that less now, and Sunny doesn't attack Yaya when she growls while playing. She will still sort of nip at her, but not hurt her. They haven't figured out how to share toys yet though. That one I think will take a while. Maybe I could get them to play tug of war with a long rope. It's worth a try.

I work and go to school tomorrow and Tuesday.
I should be off Wednesday, but I dont know for sure yet.

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