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Saturday, October 3, 2009

this is what you get

This week has been absolutely horrible. But I'm keeping a positive attitude about it. I think overall I've managed to keep my head on tight. Well, except Thursday night, which you will read about below. I think that it was like the straw that broke the camel's back on that particular day, mainly because did it to myself by locking my keys IN my car. So as the event below unfolded, I slowly was overtaken by the urge to throw something and break it.

This letter to my math teacher began as a simple explanation, and turned into a rant. I probably shouldn't have sent it, but I didnt really think about it clearly at the time. My mind was clouded by lack of sleep and absolute anger at missing class for all of it. And I'm not rewriting it right now, I'm still too upset. And I have homework to do so learn to live with it. It could have been alot worse.

I'm sure you get excuse filled emails like this from students all the time who are trying to get sympathy for missed class. This is not my intention. The other day was ridiculous for me, and I apologize that it interrupted your class. When I locked the keys in the car, I immediately went to the front desk and called my fiance (who was home waiting on the AC repairman) so he could find a locksmith to come out there to the college.

I have had bad luck getting locksmiths to come out at 8:30 pm, and I NEEDED this car for the double that I worked the next day. The locksmith people told him it would be about 15-20 minutes, and that I should wait outside for the driver. So I waited a little over a half an hour before calling my fiance to find out what was going on. He called back to the front desk, and told me that it would be another 15 minutes; that the guy got into some trouble on the way. I worried about missing the test we might take that night, but I went outside to wait. ANOTHER 30 minutes go by and I'm starting to get upset.

I call my fiance, and he doesn't answer his cell or the house phone for about 20 minutes, and when I do finally get a hold of him, he says that the repair guy showed up to fix our AC unit. Well, at least Ill have a cool house to come home to tonight. I am still pretty upset about the locksmith not showing up, so I ask for the number myself so that I can call them. When I do, I find out that they dont even know where the driver is; that he hasnt answered his cell for over a half an hour. So I ask if they can supply another driver. They say yes, and that they will call me back in a few minutes to let me know when he will be there. So I sit by the phone at the front desk, and no call. At this point I am very upset that I have missed so much class, and that was when I came back in and told you to mark me down as absent. I was going to call another locksmith service. My fiance ended up coming down to the school to help me take care of this. By the time that we got a locksmith to open the car, class was almost over. I am SO sorry about all this. I simply cannot afford to lose my job.

That same day, I had a conversation with my landlady about the possiblity of her selling our house out from under us. Our lease has expired and she has pulled every trick in the book to keep from re-leasing with us. She told me in that conversation that she was just tired of keeping up with so many homes, and that ours would be among those to go. On what I make, I worry alot about making ends meet. It is the real reason behind me going back to school.

My real reason for writing you was to find out what homework you gave on Thursday night. This is the first class I've ever missed so I was a little unprepared for contacting a classmate. I'd really appreciate it.


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