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Sunday, September 18, 2011

look what I made!

(did I post this recently? OH WELL I freaking love this song!)

So I found a neat little page online called Pinterest, and I am already addicted! There are thousands of crafting ideas there, and I've already put a pin in about 50 of them that I want to try. Last night I did actually try one of them where you make your own little accordion book. I made this little friendship book for Haley!

Isn't it cute? You can find it here. GO and TRY ONE. Its so easy!!! This one is the next one I want to try. They are TOO CUTE!!!

We think we have finally found an apartment. Here is a floor plan for it, and its 1100 square feet. Its not huge, but its roomy enough for me, Aaron, and Yaya... and the fish... and all of my plants lol. I go to put the deposit down for it in the morning. So hopefully in the next few weeks we will be in our own place!!!! I'm so freaking excited!!! Aaron  and I even sat down tonight with a floor planning program to decide what furniture will and won't fit where, so that we don't move a bunch of stuff over there we can't use. I'm SO ready for this!

I have to go shower. Come join me on Pinterest.com so we can exchange ideas!!!


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