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Thursday, September 15, 2011

nail art

Here lately I have been paying more attention to fashion. Especially to nail fashion. I see all of these cool styles, and abstract designs, and I just want to do them on my nails. So Ive tried a few myself, to see if I could pull them off, and it's alot easier than it seems.

What do you think? I like them all. The black, blue and silver are all done with sticker decals. The pink and yellow was done with that new crackle paint polish. And the last one, the pink polka dots, was all my own design. I did that one tonight actually, so I'm wearing it now. Haley has also done a few designs on my nails. In fact she painted the yellow and pink in the middle, and I added the crackle when I got home. We are SO in style!

Anyways Im off to bed, I gotta work in the morning.


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