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Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Florida rox my sox

(sweet relaxing music for a sweet relaxing post)

I am sorry that I have been away for so long this time. I spent a lot of time in the last month making jewelry. I've been working on a consignment job for the Memphis Metal Museum. They have 38 of my hand made wrapped wire rings for sale in their gift shop. Some are made with glass beads, and some with designer buttons. I think they are really cute. What do you think?


It's a big deal for me. MY FIRST CONSIGNMENT JOB!!! I am SO excited about it!!! My items are only available in person in the gift shop and not available for sale online, but you can the museum's website HERE.

I have also made some other things in the mean time. The one on the right here is my buddy Phil's necklace that I made for his custom order.

The necklace on the right and the one in the middle are both made from puka shell beads. Take a look at the green crackle bead bracelet I made too.

This is made from cracked glass beads with black wooden and silver square spacer beads. It really shines in the light!

From August 20th to the 27th, I was in Florida visiting my mom and brother. It was on Navarre Beach, on this little strip of an island off the coast of Pensacola.

My grandparents, and my Aunt Lisa and Uncle Bill went too.


We had rented a small condo for the week, and my mother and I slept in the living room each night, to awaken to the beautiful beach right outside the window every morning.

It was AWESOME! Well I thought so, but not everyone was as into it as I was. My grandparents are getting too old to move around much, and my aunt and uncle aren't really keen on the beach. Despite the lack of sleep from sleeping in the floor on the blow up mattress, I spent almost every day, sun up till sun down, out on the white sandy beaches, soaking up all that beautiful sun, and chasing around little soft shelled crabs.

It was SO relaxing. Especially with a bottle of vodka. HAHA It was also just really nice to sit on the beach with my mom and talk. REALLY talk. For the first time in a long time, in person. Where I can see how she feels and how much she misses and loves me. It made it so much harder to come home to TN. Here's my mom walking down the beach in the mid-morning sun.

She and my step father made this trip so much fun.

My mom even played Skip-Bo with some of my family.
Look at my grandfather's poker face!!!

He seemed so relaxed through most of this trip.

I want to go back real soon. It was a great experience.

(I think this is my longest post ever!)


PS: I am ashamed to admit that I like this song!!!


  1. First of all, it sounds more impressive (and accurate) when you say that your jewelry is now on sale at the National Ornamental Metal Museum.


    Second, how dare you call me over and over while sitting on the beach under a beautiful sunset. Not cool.

    Ok, cool for you. You deserved a vacation, baby. Glad to have to back with me. FOR REALS.

  2. Also, the CAPCHA code to enter my comment was "flendous," which totally needs to be a real word. "How was the concert?" "Shit, it was flendous! You don't even KNOW!"

  3. What the hell? You have to approve my comments? You suck. I wanted to see them online, but you're in bed, so you can't approve them now. You don't have to approve this one, I just wanted to say you suck. But in a good way. NO. Not in that way. You got a dirty mind. I know what you were thinking. This is a family post. About your family and shit. God, what's wrong with you? Whatever it is I LIKE IT.

    What time is it? I'm hungry.


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