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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

a sneak peek just for you

I worked for a little while tonight on making some new stuff, 
and here is a few for your viewing pleasure!

All of these I made today. I have many many more put in a box waiting on me to finally upload them to the website. Most of these pieces are unique, meaning one of a kind, and no I'm not able to recreate them all. I'm not a mass production line, I'm an ARTIST! lol Some of these I'm having a bit of trouble letting go. It happens all of the time. As I'm making something I think to myself, "Someone is going to love this." But then when I'm done I try it on, and I think "Yeah, that person is ME!" lol

The one that I probably will end up keeping is the one I been wearing all week, because I love it so freaking much. How do you like these apples:

If you notice in the very top image in this post, I did actually make something VERY close to this one for a custom order for a girl in one of my classes. Aren't they pretty?

I've had several custom orders come out really nicely too this week. I am working on one in particular that is made from French beads, with gold filament all over the design. It's gonna be really elegant when it is finished.

If you have a custom order put in with me, I will be contacting you soon for delivery. If you want a custom piece from me, you need to get with me VERY soon. I will be taking a break from my business again as soon as my internship starts. I will not be accepting orders after the 12th of March.

I took Aaron's mother to the car rental place today, and she ended up with the last car on the lot. A Ford Fiesta. Aaron was SO jealous. He likes those little cars, and I must admit it was quite nice. Maybe I'll get him one when I get some money eventually. haha

Anyhoo, I'm off to bed soon,
I just wanted to share some pretties with you all.
Have a great night, or day or whatever time it is
where you are right here and now. lol


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