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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Much to do about nothing... and everything!!!

Thank you Lord.

I did pretty well actually. In my math class I got a 100, and in my pharm 2 class I got a 97. So overall, I kicked this term's butt! lol I'm not sure if it's totally official (mostly because all grades had not come in at the point I found this out) that I'm at the top of the class now, with a big fat 3.79 GPA! But now is not the time to relax and enjoy my little victory. March 21st will be the first day of my retail internship, so I guess I get a little while to play, but then I have to get my game face on. Chris tells me not to worry. I'll be at CVS pharmacy and he says the people are very nice there and that I shouldn't be nervous, but I totally am lol. It's a big step, and a fast one at that. We have to cover a lot of material in 120 hours of free work. Then I get to do it all over again in a hospital internship. lol I joke, but I am really excited to get started though. I want to start work as soon as I can.

That head of my department in school also told me that she thinks I should go ahead and take the state certification test. She thinks I am ready, and that I should give it a shot. I on the other hand am not quite so sure. My weakest point is knowing generics and brands. I'm good at the how and why of drugs, I'm horrible with straight memorization of words. It's why I'm so bad with names. Slow recall skills. Hopefully the lab pc will like me and tell me what I need to know. And there's always the handy dandy book. lol I think I will get through at least one of these internships before I push myself any harder.

We joined a new guild in lotro. They are called Bastion of Light.  They are basically ACT, but Tolkein style. hah Aaron is really into it, I've only really gotten to know the guild leader and his right hand woman. She is my age, he is slightly older. Both are very nice and talk alot, like me!!! I really like them, and hope this is something that lasts. Aaron is just so much happier, I want it to be a great experience for him, like ACT was for me. Star is another person I wish this for. I guess she always saw them as MY guild, she didn't get into it. And I'm afraid she thinks that about this too. Aaron's guild. I just want it to be our guild. I want her to have fun again.

So alot has happened in the last month. I got my teeth fixed first. I already talked about all of that before. I still have discomfort when I attempt to eat anything. No pain anymore though, and that's a serious blessing. My sinuses went haywire through this whole experience. I had the worst headache I've ever had for literally 5 freaking days after the surgery. And to top it all off, right after I was done with the antibiotic treatment I got a bad head cold, possibly from my roommates or my mother. More headaches ensued, and I was pissy for over two weeks. I'm sure Aaron wanted to strangle me at several points. I'm still getting over this one, it really took a toll on my body. Vitamins and lots of water are my only medications right now.

Mom was actually in town because my aunt Barbara passed away in late January. It was a very beautiful and touching funeral. I actually had prepared a funny little speech, but I didn't have a chance to say it. I wrote it mostly for my family, so they could remember the good times with my aunt Barbara. This whole experience was horrible for my family. She had been battling cancer for a long time, and things turned for the worse very suddenly. She was here one week, and then the next she was gone. But all she ever wanted for us was to be happy. She told me that about a month or so before she died. She didn't want us to be sad or feel sorry for her. She wanted us to grasp the good things in our lives and cherish them. She wanted us to be closer as a family, and to love and be there for one another. She was such a great person, and I will miss the hell out of her.

I am off tomorrow, but I have alot to do! I have like 10 custom jewelry orders to fill. I've already started a few, but haven't finished any because I'm not satisfied with them yet. haha I also need to fix my work pants. They are falling apart, and I'm cheap so I refuse to buy another pair. I have to get all of the new pics off of Star's camera so I can upload all of the new items! I have so much pretty glass pieces to show!

But for now, I am off to bed. Gnite sweet peoples.


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