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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Mock Turtle! Get it? it's an Alice in Wonderland referance!

I slept in really late today, so I'm having trouble sleeping again. I knew I should have gotten up when the alarm clock went off the first time, but I thought to myself "I'm off today, and this bed feels really good, so to heck with it!" First time I've gotten to sleep in till I wanted to for weeks.

Today several things happened. I went to Wal-mart this afternoon and bought way too much stuff. Found some really cute and cheap beads, a nice new shirt, and bought groceries to make stuffed meatloaf for dinner tonight. It didn't really go as planned, I got distracted AS USUAL in Wal-mart by all the shiny things I wanted. So I was running late, and I almost missed Haley leaving the house. I need to get her a new key so she can get inside when things like this happen. Hell, I should have done that at Wal-mart!

She and I had a drink or two while I sauteed the onions, celery, and mushrooms. Them I mixed that with chopped spinach and mozzarella cheese. Instead of making a loaf of the meatloaf mix (however you like to make yours) you just spread it out in a flat rectangle and put the spinach mix lumped up along one end of the rectangle. Then you roll up the meatloaf over the spinach mix and shape it much like a Swiss roll. Pinch the ends to seal it all in, cook on 350 for about an hour, and SHAZZAM you got the best thing EVAR. I was gonna do homemade mashed potatoes, but I was behind schedule and I had already gotten green beans and croissants as sides too, so that was plenty of food. It was freaking awesome.

Halfway through cooking dinner, Aaron called and said he was gonna be late. I asked him what was wrong and he said he was gonna go with his mom to the hospital. My heart jumped, because I worry about her a lot, she just beat cancer off with her big stick of fortitude, and is currently battling diabetes complications.They told her earlier this week that she can't have gluten anymore, and I don't know if you're aware, but its in EVERYTHING. So she keeps sending us all of her evil gluten and sugar filled groceries. lol

The reason she had to go to the hospital was, some guy in a freaking tow truck ran a red light and she hit him, which is pretty lucky cause if he had hit her in that huge thing she might not have been quite so lucky. It completely totaled her car, but she got away with just some bruises and a painful injury to her wrist. I was so relieved to hear that she is okay. Aaron might not show it but he worries about her a lot. He loves his mother.

Haley and I talked for a long time tonight, and I love that. We talk so much more now than we used to, and I feel like these talks are more personal and meaningful than ever. That makes me feel good that we are closer. I love that woman. We also talked about thing less personal, like her joining that new guild, Bastion of Light. I think she will really like it. She is excited to get to do some bigger group stuff, but she hasn't been able to decide which character to take to the guild. I hope that this gives her the lotro revival she has been looking for.

After she left, I did some laundry and logged in myself to the game. I wanted to get some epic quests done for my lore-master so that I can get and use cosmetic pets, like the turtle. I spend over an hour with Aaron trying to get these quests done. We could not finish the last quest, and we tried it several times. It is an escort mission that is timed, and we always ended up a few seconds short of the finish line. I got so frustrated that I put in a CS ticket right about the time Aaron went to bed. Within minutes, a dev  IMed me. He asked me to clarify the situation and then as he watched me from his magic dev control whatevertheyuse, I attempted the quest again. When I came up about 6 seconds short, he said that unfortunately he could not hit a magic button to fix the quest, or advance me without completing that quest, he would put in a report about it suggesting the quest timer be raised. He was a very nice guy. I told him that I was determined to get it, and that I was gonna keep trying till I did. He suggested getting someone to escort me as well, eliminating enemies that might attack me on the way, and I told him that my fiance already did that and we still failed. The dev apologized and seemed genuinely concerned about my plight. He told me again he would report it, and we went our separate ways. I attempted the ques one last time before bed, and sure enough, just as my luck would have it, I completed the quest with literally one second to spare. HAHA So I got my turtle, and also got a bunny, and I already had the squirrel. YAY I named the turtle Mock. the bunny WhiteRabbit, and the squirrel is DangerSquirrel.
Inside joke! Ask Haley. lol

Oh and the day before yesterday Aaron, Yaya, and I walked 3 miles down the Wolf River - Kennedy Park nature trail. It's so pretty this time of year. Things are just starting to grow because of the sorta/kinda off and on winter we have had this year. And there are no bugs yet! I did find one tick on me, but you gotta expect that sorta thing in the woods! It was a lot of fun and Yaya came home and flopped down on the couch and slept for most of the afternoon. She got really hot for a while out there, but she just gets so excited the first few times we go out after winter. She hates the cold, and wont go to the park with me until its warm enough. Well I mean she goes but she always wants back in the car within a few minutes.lol She's just not built for the cold. It just made me so happy to see her so excited.
I love that dog. She always brings light to my day.

Feeling accomplished, I am off to bed.
I must work in the morn.


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