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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

my poor face

Love this song... not so fond of the video.

Well, I had my final oral surgery on Monday. They took out all of the rest of my top teeth, and gave me my new fake teeth. lol MAN is this the weirdest thing ever. I only have a top denture, so the feeling of fake against real is unnerving, to say the least. They also don't texturize the top of the mouth so its smooth plastic there against my tongue so that's a little strange, but at least I don't have severe sensitivity to hot and cold anymore. No, I just get to deal with the pain of having 6 front teeth taken out at once. Literally my whole face from my eyes to the bottom of my jaw hurts, and my face is swollen, so I looked like a freaking chipmunk. 

This is after anti inflammatory meds, ice packs for hours, and two days of healing. You shoulda seen me the day of the surgery, it was funny as hell.

They had given my hyrocodone for the pain, but I could not handle that stuff anymore. It didn't make me itch, just very suddenly sick to my stomach for hours on end. I switched to an OTC med so that I can keep food down, plus I have to work tomorrow, school all day Thursday, and then a double on Friday so I don't have time to be messed up on pain meds.

It feels REALLY weird, and people keep staring at me, so this will take some getting used to. I'm having the learn how to talk again, like I did when I got that stupid tongue ring, but this thing covers the whole inside of my upper mouth so it's worse. I haven't bitten my tongue yet so that's a plus, but it is in there so that as my mouth heals and the gum recedes, it will heal in the shape of the denture hopefully. This will literally take months to get used to.

Aaron says it makes me look younger.
So what, I look 15 again?
Man I wish.

They sure are pretty to be so damned painful

Oh and P.S.,
Unless you're gonna tell me how pretty I look now.
Then staring would be acceptable.

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