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Thursday, September 3, 2009

This is some very interesting artwork Aaron found on deviant art. Alot of the other works on his page are twisted versions of Disney characters. I loved these one of course.

Twisted Princess: Alice by ~jeftoon01 on deviantART

Twisted Princess: Cinderella by ~jeftoon01 on deviantART

Twisted Princess: Aurora by ~jeftoon01 on deviantART

Im very tired tonight and it is already WAY too late for me to be up, since I have school and work tomorrow. I just needed to say something before I sleep. Here I go talking about myself again! (I am so in love with myself.)

There have been few people in my life that I have loved like family, even though we might not seemed as close as I felt we were. For many reasons, one of which being that some people are not as emotional, or as expressive about their emotions to one another as I am. I tend to be overbearing and needy, and I recognize this. I try to compromise with people for who they are, and honestly it hurts my feelings when someone tells me I over react about something that I feel I had a right to react to. I don't want to be this annoying person who people see as overemotional and flaky. But at the same time I refuse to let people tell me how I should feel about something, or someone. I get my opinions too, you know. Right or wrong, just like everyone else. I get very little time to socialize and enjoy the company of friends, so I flat out refuse to let any bullshit impede upon that time. So I simply continue to live my life...

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