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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Class is about to start so I might just suddenly stop talking and post this...

Ive actually been posting alot on my private blog, trying to rant about some of the things that are driving me crazy right now. These are some of things that have been happening:

Richard got a new dog (Sunny) who I will be posting pictures of later.

One of Leslie's bosses got H1N1 flu and is very very sick.

Richard might be in trouble with the credit card companies, but we will know more later.

I LOVE MY CLASSES - English is awsome. My teacher, Mr Nichelson is so interesting and he really strives to get us to think. My Microsoft Office class is SO FREAKING BORING right now. Its understandable because he's teaching the class like we've never touched a pc before. So I'm trying to keep from falling asleep in every class. But eventually we will move from Word and Excel (which I know) to powerpoint and access (which I don't) and maybe I won't be so bored. And then there's the MED class. Dosage and Calculation of Medications. Basically it's math. AND I HATE MATH.

I was sitting here earlier waiting on class to start and i found an AWSOME FREAKING IMAGE of super typhoon Choi-Wan which hit Category 5 this afternoon.

Aaron and my mom's birthdays are coming up on the 22nd. I know what I'm getting mom, but I'm still unsure about what exactly Aaron would like.

Class is starting back up so I'm gonna run.

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