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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Ok, I know I'm a little late but here's my piece

I knew the Dalai Lama was town, but I hadn't heard about any of this until I went to English Comp class on Monday. We talk about current events in class, so I heard it like this... Apparently when Myron Lowery met with the Dalai, instead of shaking his hand, he greeted him with a "fist bump". You know, like he was one of the homies. My teacher argued that it was unprofessional of him, and I can understand that view point. I think our politicians should be serious, and humble.

When I got home, I brought it up to Aaron,and he practically rolled his eyes. He told me to just go watch the video online of the Dalai's reaction. I did watch the video, and it seemed he was very good natured about it, and maybe even appreciated the gesture. Aaron said that after the cameras went away the Dalai did it several more times and had quite a good laugh out of it.

Aaron also told me that this gesture, the fist bump, has been going on for several weeks in the city council, mainly due to people trying to limit contact of skin because of the H1N1 virus. And then I found an interview with Lowery about the incident.

Personally, YES, I wish that our politicians would be more considerate and professional. I wish they'd take responsibility, and do their jobs to the best of their abilities. But I can't slam Lowery for this one. The Dalai isn't the Pope. He really seemed to enjoy the sentiment, and I figure it is open-minded publicity for this city, considering all of the oppression and bullshit that people believe about other people's perspectives about anything!!! None of that made any sense did it?

Anyways, watch the short little video and decide for yourself.

Dalai Lama Embraces the Fist Bump

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