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Friday, September 25, 2009

I made a 98 on one test and a 100 on the other in my Calculations of Dosage class. Math is usually my weakest subject, but now that I've gotten some confidence actually using some of these equations to do the conversions, I GOT THIS.

BTW I LOVE English Comp! My teacher is very interesting and down to earth. For homework, I only have to write a 3 paragraph essay on the topic:

"The 3 best things I can do for myself"

I've already planned it and written the outline, but I'm gonna write it on Sunday, when I'm off work. I'm also going to bake a cake for Aaron that day. And he said we might even go see a movie.

I haven't said recently how in love I am with this man. We might not always be able to show each other how much, but I love him more than I can express, more than even I understand. I cant imagine living without him anymore. Is that a little too crazy? Whats funny is I just dont care. It feels like it was meant to be to me, and its all I want. Him. It's funny when I catch myself thinking things like why HAVENT we gotten married yet? Oooh oooh... better not jinx myself there.

Im off to bed. I work all weekend.

OH! I want bring back an old tradition in my posts before I go...

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Watch the video, its pretty weird/silly/funny.
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