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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Ok so tonight sucked. lol I got a headache from staring at the projector for so long while being so close during class. So once I got home and took something, that took me a little while to get over, and now that I feel better I wanted to talk some more. haha

Tonight in my Microsoft Office class I converted someone to blogger.com! Angela, who was in my Oral Communications class last semester, and who also sits next to me in this Office class, asked me what I was working on when I posted earlier about Paul. I showed her how Blogger works, how she can tie it into her Yahoo account, and she was hooked. Within two minutes, she had made a blog with a huge smile on her face the whole time. It really made my night to make her so happy.

So I almost forgot to tell you (and by you I mean anyone who might stumble to this page of infinite insanity) that the Levitt Shell concert series is going on!!! FREE MUSIC CONCERTS to the public September 3 through October 4. These concerts are on every Thursday Friday Saturday and Sunday night at 7pm at the Levitt Shell in Overton Park. It is mostly open grassy areas, where you can spread out the blanket or fold out chairs and listen to ALL kinds of music. PLEASE GO!!! This is an event where you can you meet your neighbors, and find new friends! Go to the Levitt Shell website for more info!

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