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Friday, June 26, 2009

some of the plants Im still trying not to kill

And I think Im doing an awsome job!
See the tallest one?
thats the chili plant
the vine on the right just sprung up there this summer
the fattest one of the bunch is one that Haley's aunt Donna gave me
the rest of these we either planted from stuff we got in the mountains
or I found it somewhere cheap
I have no idea what they all are

And theres a few more of them...

the aloe plant,
who isnt looking so good these days
he needs to be repotted

the jerico rose,
who is sleeping in this picture...
see him all curled up?
next time I wake him up Ill take pictures and post them

and the african violet

Who gets her own cool little hanging elephant pot

She drinks cold coffee.
no shit
about once a week
I give her about a half a cup of cold coffee
and she loves it

I havent named them all or anything
dont judge me
ok so yea
Im gonna go pass out now

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