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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

You should have seen me yesterday.

In a tank top and a pair of pajama bottoms sawing down small trees. I had a blunt hatchet, and pair of bolt cutters, and an OLD hacksaw. I got the front yard in pretty good shape now, and tomorrow at some point Im going to put a new border around the mailbox. Its from an old chess set Tony left here. They're castle walls. lol The back yard is looking much better, but theres still ALOT of work to do.

We also finally finished the front room. Aaron got his new desk, and we rearranged a few things to make it more comfortable and convenient. I moved the fish tank and the cd racks off my desk to make room for all my school work that Im sure is coming. lol

SO, I have fallen in love with another band. I posted one the day before yesterday from them but here is another. The video is just scenery as someone drives through whatlooks like Mexico. But please listen to the end. It really is beautiful.

That one tears at me every time i listen to it.

I dont have alot of time tonight, I have to be up early. Gnite!

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